Time to play

Take time to play!

Take time to play!

The minutes are ticking away

The minutes are ticking away


It is my opinion that TIME equals the true wealth!!!!  Time to think, ponder, and reflect. Time to grow up and grow old. Time to savor every single aspect of our life as we travel life’s journey. In my growing up years, I had much more time than money, and I can honestly say, I don’t remember ever feeling deprived. We were fed, clothed, sheltered, and loved. Then we were sent out to play. No one told us what we were supposed to do. No one planned our agendas. No one volunteered to be our entertainment source. We were just told to “go out and play”, and, so we did!

Once outside, the world was our oyster and we were the ones to crack it wide open. We had what felt like endless time to use our imagination and it was a joy to see what new adventure would occur from day to day. It always just evolved! No major planning, no committee of decision makers, no one to say “well, I would do it differently!”  No one to judge it, analyze it, or critique it. Despite the lack of funds in our household, I can honestly say, I felt rich! Rich with all the love and security and guidance that came from our Mother. I think this is why I still miss her so much. She allowed me to be ME, not HER idea of who she thought I was, or who she thought I should be. She just watched me evolve and I cannot remember a time when I did not feel loved or supported by her.

To my good fortune that I married a man who is just like my dearly departed mother in how he allows me the freedom to be ME. whatever and whoever that happens to be at any given moment. He appreciates me exactly as I am, warts and all! He lets me be me, and in a return favor, I let him be him, so we allow each other the freedom to do and BE as our spirits move us.  Being newly retired, he and I will be going on trips with absolutely NO plans. When people ask where we are going, we just say “We are driving from Texas towards the east, or west, or whatever direction we may choose at that moment, and we will poke along as we go” He and I agreed this morning that the most wonderful kind of vacation is in the NOT knowing what we will be doing or where we will be from day to day. We are taking the long ago suggestion from our parents when they said,  “Go out and play!” and we are going to run with it.   Indeed, we shall do as we once did in our youth. I don’t know when this begins, but when it does, we will look at each other and say, ‘Let the adventure begin!’, and “play” we will.

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