Words that ramble around and about, need to find a way to come out. Words that ramble around and about, need to find a way to come out.

I’ve written for a long time now, and my favorite format was in the notes section of Facebook.  I really enjoyed using that section because when I wrote a piece, it automatically detailed the time of day it was written along with the date.  I originally kept my pieces stored there with the thought I could eventually print them and put them in a book for our children.  I thought that when I am no longer here, if any of them were in the mood to feel my presence, they could simply go to that book and read my thoughts.  The “book” is a work in progress and it is fun to see it come together.  At this point, the book is informally put together in a 3 ring binder until I am able to organize it better before I do something else with it.  When I first began writing my poems and essays, I did not really anticipate much feedback because the writing was not done with that purpose in mind.  But, as I continued to write,  I  learned that people were reading my work and often commented that they liked what I wrote.  What a wonderful boost those comments are to a writers sense of purpose and I must say, I love hearing the comments. Nothing pleases me more than striking a chord in another person on a topic I am describing!

I am presently trying to find a blog spot that works for me.  This is my third blog spot.

So, we shall see….It will be fun to see how I can make this site grow as I learn more about it!  Wish me well, will you?



2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Cheri Weismantel

    Juanita, I love your writing, what a beautiful hobby. Something you can share with all of us. Thanks for sharing, Cheri



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