Fine Feathered Friends

I love birds!  There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting in our courtyard and observing how they go about their days.  We have feeders in our courtyard and we have learned that, very similar to humans, they have routine feeding times, early morning, right around noon, and then again around 5 p.m.  If you want to watch the birds, these are the times of day they are the busiest, each taking their turns at helping themselves to the seeds put out  for their hearty appetites

One morning, in early spring, I had my freshly brewed cup of coffee and decided to go and savor it in the early morning hours outside.  It was a little cool and crisp that morning and as I was walking along the path, I could hear little chirps coming from somewhere near the bushes.  Our courtyard is surrounded by a hedge, and as I walked along, the chirping increased.  I soon realized that many little birds were resting inside the bushes out of harms way.  I imagine that when a bird goes to sleep at night, they need to be in a well disguised spot to hide them from the larger predators who would enjoy feasting on them for breakfast.  It made me smile to hear the sound of my bushes.  Good for them for being so instinctual in self preservation.  Good for me to have chirping bushes!  It created a fine beginning for my day!

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