Mother is that you?

Mother is that you?

Growing Older, quite the deal,

Multi-vites complete the meal.

Graying hair, a few more wrinkles.

Oh no! ……….I have to tinkle!!!!


I can hear the ticky tock,

The bong, bong, bong of our old clock.

Oh my gosh, it’s time for bed!

My hot new novel stays unread.


What has happened to that girl?

Who loved to dance and loved to twirl?

She’s right here, just a little slower,

Ambling towards the bedroom door.


To  get enough beauty sleep,

I need LOTS of hours for my upkeep.

Life is good though, it can’t be beat.

I can stand vertical on my feet.


Each new day I can’t complain,

For life is good on this earthly plain.

Growing older, it  is quite the quest.

Each day I awaken, I know I’m blessed.


One eye open, and then the other,

I look in the mirror and see my mother.

Life has been a pleasant place

And it’s drawn my story on my face.


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