BUSSMANN BOYS 001All women want a girl, it’s true,

But they also love the color blue.

A little boy, A little son,

born to play, born to run.

Our first son, such a handsome lad.

When he was born, we were really glad.

Dark thick hair all over his head,

Quietly sleeping on his bed.

Baby, baby do you know,

how much our love for you will grow?

Baby, toddler, little boy.

Playing with his childhood toys.

Not quite two, he gets a brother.

Two sons to raise for Father, Mother.

21 months between their birth.

Friends for life, upon this earth.

Christopher, Phillip,  brothers two,

brotherly love so brand new.

They’re all grown up, no longer small.

Both are handsome, both are tall.

They look so much like each other.

A combination of Father and Mother.

Years go by, their love’s intact.

Because brothers rule and that’s a fact!

God blessed us with these little boys,


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