I am so happy, I am so blessed.
I did not know, I couldn’t have guessed.

As I grew old, I found some peace.
Life’s demands were less. I found release.

No longer young, not a thing to prove.
I feel such comfort in my groove.

The kids grew up, on their way.
They come to visit, love to stay.

They don’t stay long, they have much to do,
They always say “I love you,”

Their Mom and Dad still love each other.
I love their Dad, he loves their Mother,

I remember well their growing up years.
The house overflowed with their peers.

Those years went fast, like the speed of light.
I am now an “elder”, but it feels alright.

The dreaded alarm clock no longer rings.
Instead of television, our radio sings.

As we watch the world rush madly by.
I don’t feel nostalgic, I do not sigh.

Growing old is a gift, a real treasure.
A best kept secret, a lovely pleasure,

There is finally time for my creative side
To write my thoughts before I’ve died.

I have books to read, flowers to tend.
Many new adventures around the bend.

When I was in my youthful stage.
My spirit languished in a beautiful cage.

No time for this, no time for that.
So very busy, wearing too many hats.

God granted me this time of life.
I have a lot less stress, a lot less strife.

The hour glass sands continue to pour.
My life is flowing, going, and I wish for more.

What is old I wonder, how is it defined?
By the years on a calendar, by what is behind?

So many don’t reach this silver haired stage.
On their behalf I praise and honor old age.

Thank you, sweet Jesus for giving to me.
All these years on earth, so beautifully free.

I stand a little lower and I move a little slower,
But it is quite alright with me.
I can’t waste a minute of life or me in it,
I want to BE all I was created to be!

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