For those of you who do not know,   

who  cannot see, and feel real low.

To those who say, “I must confess, 

I have no gift, I was not blessed.”

This is not true, you must be blind.                        spirtual gifts 2

God gave MANY gifts to ALL mankind.

YOU were created by the Mighty One,

Who smiled and nodded when He was done.


Your spirit is motion & LOVES to fly.

So he created a body to get you by.

He placed your spirit deep inside,

right next to your heart side by side.

He created two eyes within your face,                      eyes to see

as a window to see out from your inner space.       

You can see the world and it can see in.

Your soul is on display so let your Spirit win.


Recognize your gifts, and use them well.

God knows you have great stories to tell.

You have songs to sing, and music to play.

You have much enthusiasm to give away.

You didn’t know a gift could simply be.

The sharing of love between you and me.

Don’t underestimate the blessings given to you.

It is good to “be”, but it is much better to “DO”.

plant and harvest

With Love, JJB

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