Anita Jane!  Anita Jane!ANITA JANE 001

I’ll never forget that parting pain.

When I had to say goodbye to you,

it pierced my heart all the way through.

On the 14th of November, 2009,

God our Father said,  “It is now time!”

You then let out your very last breath.

Your life ended as you experienced death.

spirit liftingYour body died as your spirit lifted.

Eternal life was assured to be gifted.

deathbed angel 1You were surrounded by angels when you died.

They gave you comfort as they stood by your side.

Many months later I had  a lovely dream.

You were alive and well, (or so it seemed!)

 I could see a vision through a thin, fine veil,

It was YOU, dear Mother, ethereal and pale.

The many facets of love!

The many facets of love!

Love was beaming from your beautiful face.

You found perfect peace in a heavenly place.

How delighted I was to see you again.

You looked so much younger than you did back then.

laughterI heard you laughing like you once laughed on earth.

The heavens were filled with your melodious mirth.

We talked and chatted, (though it was just a dream).

We were sitting by a sparkling, sun drenched stream.

We had much to catch up on!  You had a lot to say…

“I want you to know why I’m in your dream today.”

“You long ago asked me to let you see,

some evidence that Anita continues to BE!”

“You wanted reassurance that I still exist.”

“I am here to answer questions on your list.”

release from pain“I want you to know I am at rest and in peace”.

“Death actually gave me a great release.”

“We believers are with God as our Spirits are healed”

“Our faith is rewarded and answers are revealed”

“You know all those questions you have in your heart?”

“They are answered in heaven at the very start!”

love is all there is“I love you, dear daughter, but I really must go”.

“I fulfilled my promise to let you know”.

“Someday we will ALL be reunited again.”

“You won’t know how and you won’t know when.”

“Put your faith in God. It is THE ONLY way.”

“Everything will become clear to you someday!”

“It is time for me now to go back to my sleep”.

“To rest, unencumbered, ’til my soul,  Christ will reap!

new heaven“With  a NEW Heaven and NEW Earth,

He will appear without warning.”

“And so I promise you now,

“I’ll see you in the morning”.


(Anita said, before she died, that she thought death would be one great long sleep.  She felt that when the sleep was over, it would be as if no time had passed at all.  It would be similar to getting up in the morning after a nights sleep, well rested and looking forward to a brand new day.)  Indeed!  When Christ comes back, it WILL be a Brand New Day!  I look forward to that morning when I will see my Mother again, along with many others I have loved.  I look forward to meeting Christ!  What a celebration we are all going to have!  Amen!

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