Christmas cardsI sat down to write my Christmas cards, so I opened my address book.

It was time to check my Christmas list, to give it a good long look.

I was checking the name’s to whom I had sent last years Christmas cards.

Each year the list changes a little bit, which can make it kind of hard.

I looked at the name of a single girl, who got married not so long ago.

So I moved her name from “S” to “D” and created a whole new row.

Then I saw the names of a sweet young couple, who were married just last year.

I remember their number is no longer two,  for a brand new baby is here!

Here is a loved one to whom I sent, a newsy note of cheer.

She died  last month, so I erased her name, then wiped away a tear.

Then I saw a good friends name whose career moves him all over the place.

I wondered, “is this address correct? How he can he live such a frenzied pace?”

Christmas is an annual event, where we celebrate our Saviors birth.

Our address book shows how much has changed, in the lives of so many on earth.

As we write our cards and send them out, each one written with love and care.

We should pray for  each name on our list, that next year they are each still there.

Each year we send our Christmas cards, noting that ancient Holy birth.

Our Savior who was sent to save us all, promising heaven in exchange for earth.

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