To live with a man who loves me,

is a lovely and  beautiful thing.

It makes my heart leap with  joy

and makes me want to sing.

Long ago when our love was new,

we felt a strong magnetic pull.

But now that we’re old, we always feel

a love that is deeply rich and full.

The peak of our beauty is now long gone,

we don’t walk quite so straight or tall.

Our hair has become thinner and gray,

but we honestly don’t care at all.

For we know we are NOT perfect

We are far from societies ideal!

When I look at  him and he looks at me,

the perfection we see is so REAL!!!!

We are “perfect” for each other,

we knew it from the start.

The minute he asked me for that first dance,

we lost to each other our hearts.

So now all these many years later,

as we walk with each other hand in hand.

We understand the treasure in this gift we found,

a perfect love between a woman and a man.

Copyright (1/7/2014) Juanita J. Bussmann

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