As I sit here in my easy chair,  I am as tired as I can be.

I worked all day, digging dirt.  I was planting young oak trees.

I’ve grown old so it would be best, if I were planting flowers.

Planting trees at my old age, needs God’s assisting powers.

To plant for shade when one is old is charity at its best.

This tree won’t grow fast enough to give me a shady rest.

I might enjoy the shade beneath if someone digs me down,

When I have died, I can rest, in the oak trees shady ground.


Copyright 4/15/2015 Juanita J. Bussmann

3 thoughts on “SHADE FROM THE PAST

  1. Juanita

    Absolutely! You and I have some things in common. We both married farmers, but mine had to find another way since the family farm could not pay enough to support two families. We both love plants, so I can very much visualize you walking under trees you planted. You should take a picture of yourself by your tree each year to record the growth. 😊. Thanks for the comment. I am still tired. Oh the 60’s….they can remind us that we aren’t spring chicks anymore, particularly when we work hard physically. Ouch! ☺️


  2. loeltjenbruns

    Shade from the past, ’tis true, but also planning for future…good for you! We planted several trees in yard here on farm last spring, and as I walked around today checking on how they wintered, it appears the survived! Always a happy thought…and investment!



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