Good Mood!

My eyes open slowly, I am now awake.

I am happy to be here, make no mistake!

In a cloud of bedding I am tempted to stay.

But it is time to get up and begin my day.

The sun’s morning rays caress my face.

A soft breeze is stirring the white curtain lace.

I yawn and I stretch as I get out of bed.

I am happy to be alive and I need to be fed.

I slip on my robe and go wash my face.

I carefully brush my hair into place.

I walk into the kitchen and I can see right away,

The room is awash with the suns bright rays.

I pour some water into my old coffee pot.

I make my coffee strong, and I like it hot.

I enjoy the scent of fresh coffee grounds.

This morning is filled with chirpy bird sounds.

The coffee is brewing and  it smells mighty fine.

My eyes look around at this old house of mine.

The sofa’s still pretty but soft in the middle,

Playing softly on the radio is an old fashioned fiddle.

The old clock on the mantle bongs on the hour.

Sitting pretty in my window is a jar full of flowers.

My greatest pleasure in my long married life.

is being married to a  man who still loves his wife.

It was a long time ago when we met that one night.

Our attraction was swift and it was filled with a light.

Thinking back, it still seems like a beautiful dream.

It was love at first sight, or so it seemed.

The toast just popped up and the coffee’s now brewed.

My memories have put me in a very good mood.

I pour my coffee and butter my toast.

I sit down and glance at the daily news post.

I have an appointment to keep and I mustn’t be late.

I have a meeting planned with a an important date.

I have been invited to join a good looking man.

The one who long ago asked for my hand.

I smile to myself when he comes to my mind.

It’s true when they say, “Blest be the ties that bind!”

Copyright, April 2015 Juanita J. Bussmann

Happy thoughts!

Happy thoughts!

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