I do not mind that I am not,

Considered or thought of as really “hot”

(in the most lovely of body shape ways.)

I got rid of that thought,

And I no longer sought,  

to stay young to the end of my days.

So, now when I’m HOT,

(which is more often than not),

it’s in those horrible HOT flash ways. 

These flashes come to visit a lot,

flashes of searing, sweating HOT…

in DRENCHING tidal waves.

So, when you pray, that you’ll stay “hot”,

Be sure you are very careful to not, 

use the wrong literary phrase.

IF you always pray a lot,

 (to be and remain forever “hot”),

you may just cook til the end of your day’s!

(Ummmmm… anyone else feeling hot, or is it just me?)

Copyright (June 2015)🙀Juanita J. Bussmann

2 thoughts on “Hot!

    1. Busswoman Post author

      I just found your comment, so it does let you reply. What is it doing that it makes you believe you can’t? Or is this reply coming from email? I will check it out. And……THANKS,



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