Old Blue

As a rule, Al and I are fairly practical people in the way we live our life.  We usually make our purchase decisions based on actual need over the need to impress. 12 years ago, we were in need of a new car and at the same time we were happily anticipating retirement dreams being realized.  So, we bandied about several different options of what to purchase in the way of a new car.  We also discussed Al’s desire to travel the highways and byways of the United States.  We had already been to Europe and more of that travel was probably in our future, but the first  thing on our bucket list was to see America, “land of the free and home of the brave.”  We knew we would choose to fly to some of our destinations, but Al’s biggest desire was to drive and get a feel of the land in between our destinations.

Being a typical man, he talked me into looking at R.V.’s.  He thought it sounded wonderful to be able to drive down the highway in the comfort of our own home!  It quickly became clear that the purchase price for the ones that piqued HIS interest was much more than we wanted to pay for that privilege.  The gas it would take to move that house on wheels was way more than we wanted to pay as well.  Then, the idea of Juanita taking her turn at the wheel and driving a house down the highway made both of us go pale at the mere thought of it.

Ultimately, I talked him into buying Old Blue!  My thoughts were to find the biggest and most comfortable car that would travel the highway in a gliding fashion.  Something quiet and fluid, somewhat like a bird coasting on a current of air.  Al wasn’t sure about the “look” or style of the car, but he had to admit the car literally floated on the highway.  We liked that it was big and spacious and had a huge trunk for luggage.  The backseat was very large and would make a good nest for those times we just needed to close our eyes.  His eyes were drawn to a much snappier, more visually appealing car, but knowing we were planning on wearing the wheels off of our travel vehicle, he came back for another look.  It was new and had a high rating by consumer reports.  We bought it and haven’t looked back on that decision.

Buicks have a reputation for being “old people cars” and that bothered Al a bit until I explained to him that,  in fact, WE ARE OLD PEOPLE!  Over the years, this car has been a very good buy.  No problems whatsoever…at least not up to this date!  Al is, and has always been, meticulous with our vehicles so even though they age, they actually maintain their look of newness.  “Old Blue” is solid on the highway, and makes us feel very safe.

Old Blue is like fine wine…it gets better with age.  And, oh my, what a quartet the four of us make….Old Blue, Al, Juanita and Little Willie.  When we hear someone say “they look pretty good for their age” we don’t know which one of us they are referring to. We are all nothing short of fairly well preserved antiquities!  I am just grateful the kids don’t want a snappier and more stylish set of parents where they are tempted to trade us in just because we have a little age on us.  We owe Old Blue the same consideration.  She has stood the test of time and we are not getting rid of her til we have seen most of “America the Beautiful”. Hopefully God won’t want to do a return on us before we see all we want to see.  So, off we go down that long lonesome highway with a feather in our hat and dreams in our pipe.  Daydream believers, that is what we are!  I think “Old Blue” has as many miles left on her as we do on us!  Stay tuned!

Now, just so Little Willie BEHAVES himself!






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