It is late at night, so I’ve come to  bed.

My pillow is soft beneath my head.

The covers are fresh. They were washed today.

Scents of nature all around me play.

I fold my hands and I say my prayers.

I thank God for His everlasting care.

I give thanks for the blessings He gives to me.

For ears that can hear and eyes that see.

I thank him for my family and loving friends.

I tell him I am grateful for the peace He lends.

Amen! I say, then I turn out the light.

My room is awash by a moonlit night.

God is all around me, I can feel His presence

Angels surround me with their loving essence.

My eyes are getting heavy, I begin to drift.

I fall asleep knowing this life is a gift!
Copyright (9/6/2015) Juanita J. Bussmann

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