Life after Life


I felt myself floating as my soul took flight,

I drifted upward on a current of  light.

I could feel my soul begin to expand and grow.

I began to see those who had passed long ago.

I was filled with a love so soft and sweet.

There were so many friends and family to greet!

I saw Grandpa and Grandma and Mom and Dad.

Their love was an experience I once had.

As I floated upward I could feel the grief,

Of my earth bound family who were in disbelief.

They were sad as they stood by my lifeless form.

They felt a great loss and they felt forlorn.

I knew my belief would conquer death.

Which is why I let go of my last breath!

As my spirit lifted, my body turned cold.

I was going to a place where I would no longer be old.

Goodbye, farewell, I will see you again!

Because, when this life ceases, it is NOT THE END!

Copyright 9/23/2015  (Juanita J. Bussmann)

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