Then and Now


Remember the letters we once wrote?  We would send them in the mail.

We shared our news with family and friends. They enjoyed our homey tales.

Then the telephone arrived at our house. We had a “five” party line.

We were so excited to hear people talk, we listened all the time.

Time continued to move ahead and phones became private for all.

 Now, we could talk about our neighbor, because she couldn’t listen to our call. 

Then came another invention. We could attach a 25 foot cord.

We carried the phone all around the house. It kept us from getting bored.

Soon the portable phone was invented.   It was cordless!  Imagine that!

We could take it outside to talk with friends. On our porches, we could sit and chat.

With the invention of the Computer, a new communication was hatched.

Email was writing the modern way.    We clicked “send” and our news was dispatched


Then came the “My Space” sensation where we showed pictures so we could boast.

Not long later, we all joined  “Facebook”.   We shared our wisdom by hitting “post“.

Our kids no longer called to talk.  They now chatted via “text”.

We quickly learned to abbreviate words.   Oh my goodness!!! What is NEXT?


Skype you say?  NO!  That has passed!  “Face time” is the newest way.

We have to “log” into our account.   There’s a lot to see and say.

What in the world is TWITTER?   Is it a chirp by Tweety Bird?

No!  It means we are to keep it short by “tweeting” just a couple of words


What’s that you say? Oh No!  Tell me it isn’t TRUE!!!! 

Text is OUT, and once again, there is something NEW????

So now it’s “Snapchat” you say we should use?Between me and you?   

You disn’t see the picture I sent because it disappeared in a “FEW”????

That is it…. I must QUIT! I can’t take it anymore!

If you really want to talk with me, please knock upon my door.

I will ask you in to have a seat.  I will pour a cup of tea. 

We will talk the old fashioned way, just the two of us, you and me.

If you want to see my pictures, you’ll find them by a lamp on mytable. 

Do you want to hear my latest news?   I will tell you while I am able.

Oh, it is SO good to talk with you!  I enjoy your lovely perfume.

It is fun to see you laugh and smile as we sit in my “living” room.

Let’s make a pact going forth.   Let’s meet up once a week.

We’ll have a cup of coffee or tea.   We’ll enjoy a tasty treat.

Let’s dress up for each other.   We’ll wear lipstick and fix our hair.

We will wear our nicest perfume and we’ll carefully plan what to wear


Let’s go back to the good old days. They were really nice, you know?

It was a time when things weren’t so hurried.  It was a time when things were slow.

Excuse me?  What?  Oh I would love to.   Next week on Wednesday is just fine!

I am thrilled to be invited to your home.   We’ll have the most wonderful, lovely time!

(Copyright) September 28, 2015, Juanita J Bussmann

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