Autumn in Minnesota

 We went for a walk along a tree lined street. There was color everywhere.

The breeze softly caressed my face as it flowed throughout my hair.

The trees were covered with colored leaves. Yellow and orange and red.

The sky was an azure blue.  Clouds danced playfully overhead.

My spirit lifted out of me and soared upward as we walked.

My husband and I walked hand in hand, and as we strolled along, we talked.

“There is a pay off for growing old,” we said, “because this is when childhood resumes.”.

“Old self reunites with young self, and we become ONE as we commune.”

Minnesota in Autumn is wonderful, it makes our hearts swell with joy!

An old woman and man began their walk, then turned into a young girl and boy!

Thank you Lord for giving to us, this ability to appreciate,

The bounty of your creation, as we live this side of Heavens Gate!

Juanita J Bussmann/Copyright/October 8, 2015

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