The Next Journey

I was relaxing in my big old chair and as my head began to nod,

My girlfriend called me to say,  “Linda has gone to God.

It upsets me how often this happens. (The death of a long time friend.)

There are so many who are no longer here, because their journeys came to an end.

I get up now and make some  tea. I reflect upon this news.

I think I may go to church just to pray amidst the  pews.

 I’ve been taught that when I die, it’s just my body that will cease.

My spirit will soar to heights unknown and find death a sweet release. 

Please God, help my faith to grow, to accept all I don’t understand.

Only You know when I will cease to exist. You knew when my life began.

As I sipped my tea, I looked outside and saw cloudy skies overhead.

The weather matches my thoughts today.  I am so glad I am not dead!


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