My Child


As I travel along my life’s road, I wonder what you think of me? 

How did I help shape your life?  When you see me, who do you see?

Of course I know you love me.  Most children love their mothers.

But do you see me as a person?  Do you see that I matter to others? 

Do you think of me as a good friend, as someone other than just your parent? 

Do you know the traits I have passed down, and how in you, they are inherent?

Have you ever told me where “I shine” in your thoughts when you think of me?

Do you know how much it means to hear that you LIKE me just for ME? 

Did you laugh with me when I told a joke?  Do you think that I am funny?

Did you like it when Dad gave me a hug, and called me his “Honey-Bunny?”

Have you noticed how much I like to write…stories and poems and such?

Do you like the pieces I have written?  Or not so very much?

Do you see how happy I am in my life, just by being me? 

Do you know that I am living fully, though you live far away from me?

Some people, sadly, go to their graves, never knowing how much they meant,

To those with whom they shared their life, with whom all the time was spent?

Time is a valuable commodity, which on earth does not last.

In the blink of an eye, our future, is suddenly in our past.

So, my child, I would like to know…was I a lesson for you to see?

Did my behavior inspire you in some little way?  Do you ever mimic me?

Tell me now, while there is still time.  How is it that you really feel?

Tell me what you have been thinking, but, please let’s keep it real.

Parents are no different than other folks. We need encouragement too.

We hope you see some wisdom in what we share with you.

Hold my hand now, for just a minute, while my hand is warm and strong.

Take the time to express your love.  Don’t wait until I am gone.

Don’t wait until I have died, to share what you thought of me.

Tell me now, while I am still here, before my spirit flees.

You will be so glad that you took the time, to tell me of your thoughts.

When I have gone to heaven, you’ll take comfort in the hugs I got!

The biggest lesson we learn in life, though the years be many or few,

Love should be shown while we are still alive, not in the funeral pews.


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