At first Facebook was really fun.

Got in touch with people from my past.

Pictures and stories were shared by all.

It was shocking how long this would last.

Days became months and months became years.

Every single day I read and wrote posts.

Before I knew it, my real life faded.

Because I was engrossed in everyone’s boasts.


Words and pictures flooded my site.

From friends and ads and ME,

I suddenly felt quite overwhelmed,

And I dearly desired to be free.

I finally moved to deactivate.

With trepidation I returned to my life.

Would my friends here in town remember me?

Would my husband remember his wife?

All of a sudden my life opened up.

There was so much time now for me to spend.

I found myself reaching out to people,

I have discovered some great new friends.

Cyber friends are fun to know,

But it is important for us to see.

Facebook isn’t our real time life.

Because life shouldn’t BE all about ME!

Just because something is posted.

Doesn’t necessarily make it true.

Facebook is a vanity site.

Focusing on the “me” rather than you.

Quitting this site hasn’t been easy.

I knew it was a terrible affliction.

As I withdrew, I had those chills and sweats.

I need rehab for my Facebook addiction!


Hello world, here I am!

Do you remember me even a little?

What will I do with all this new found time?

I will start by writing poems and riddles!


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