I saw my Grandma yesterday.
At her house upon the hill.
She was sitting on her front porch
Oh! It gave me such a thrill.

I was driving my car by her place
on my way to see a friend.
I knew if I stopped, it would make me late.
But, I didn’t want this chance to end.

I stopped and turned my car around
I parked along their street.
I ran up the steps of her front porch
with wings beneath my feet.

She looked up in complete surprise.
A smile spread across her face.
She said  “It’s so good to see you”
I fell deep into her embrace.

She hugged me tight! Oh, it felt SO good!
I hadn’t seen her in a long, long time.
You see, she died many years ago.
Which is why this felt sublime!.

When I woke up, I remained in bed.
I reflected on my Grandma’s dream.
I think she came to let me know
There’s more to life than what it seems.

Thank you Grandma for visiting me.
It was like no time had passed me by.
You looked exactly as I remember you,
in your apron which had no ties.

Over the head your apron went,
and it buttoned at the sides.
Your apron is such a pretty piece
under which your house dress hides.

It felt so good to be young again,
I felt so warmly received.
I miss you Grandma, I really do.
In Heaven I truly believe.

Your spirit IS alive and well.
You just live in another place.
Someday we will be together again,
with thanks for the gift of Grace!

jjb/September, 2016

























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