Creature Comfort! 

Al went for a walk by the water and I chose to stay in the hotel to relax.  We are meeting friends for lunch, so I wanted to take a shower and press my clothes. Traveling is fun and exciting, but every once in a while, I need to center myself.  I need to just “be” so I decided to let my spirit lead the way after he shut the door behind him.

Is there anything in the world that feels better than a hot shower and a scrub down with scented shampoo and a rich bar of soap?  As I stood there this morning,  I thought, “No! There is nothing better than this.  THIS is the ultimate of creature comforts.”

Then I thought about my first cup of hot coffee this morning and how much I enjoyed the aroma wafting through the air as it was processing.  That first sip?  Ahhhhh!  Nothing better.

UNLESS,  you are eating a nice hot scone with melted butter on top followed by that swallow of hot coffee.   Mmmmm!

Then there was a chill in the room so I put on my old, thick, comfy robe!  Nice!  Snuggle bunny nice!

Creature comforts is what life always comes down to in making a person happy.

How nice it is to know a bed is ready and waiting for you when you are exhausred and need some sleep. Getting into your  big soft bed with feather down blankets, where you can burrow down deep beneath is like returning to your mothers womb. Ahhh!  Now that is nice!

Coffee and conversation in the morning with your loved one has its own special reward because you know that you are number one in another persons life.

It doesn’t really matter where it is you find yourself on any given day as long as you are surrounded by those who love you.  For me?  This means Al.  Whether we are home or away….this creature finds comfort with him at my side.

No matter where a person travels,

no matter the beautiful sights one sees,

none of it would be at all special,

if you were not right here with me!

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