Twinkle in my Wrinkle

Today when I got out of bed,  
I looked into my bathroom mirror.

I was shocked to see a change in me!
 wrinkle had appeared!!

I did not know just how to feel, 
wrinkles are a sign of age.

But it also means I am still here 
and my
 life’s book has turned a page.

I love my life as it is right now! 
I would not want to be young again.

My reward for growing older is,
 is richer than it was back then.

Life is better in so many ways.
I have finally come to learn,

I’d rather have the wrinkles on my face,  
than for me to be in an urn.

A lot of my friends have passed away!  
They died when they were still young.

Some didn’t have many wrinkles!  
ome did not have even one!!

So, with a big smile spreading across my face,
I see my eyes begin to crinkle.

Lo and behold, what do I see next?  
There is




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