The snow is really beautiful! Big white flakes are falling fast.
I can hear the icy clicking sound as they strike the window glass.

I blow my breath on the ice that coats my window panes.
Suddenly a view opens up and I can see the snow filled lane.

Winter arrived late last night as the temps dropped low and fast.
But my bed is warm, for it was piled high with quilts from long time past.

The scent of bacon frying, roused me from my sleep.
I slip out from beneath my covers on my nest so warm and deep.

I wrap myself in a thick warm robe as that aroma beckons me.
I walk by a twinkling, merry sight, as I pass our  Christmas tree.

When I walk into the kitchen, I can feel the ovens heat.
Mama is humming a Christmas hymn so lovely, soft and sweet.

I am once again a little girl and my heart is filled with love.
I am happy Mama is with me instead of in heaven up above.

I listen to her beautiful voice as I watch her smiling face.
I feel safe and happy as a child in the arms of her embrace.

I want to sing along with her. I want to pray and to rejoice!
But then I hear someone calling me in a clear but distant voice.

I blink my eyes and look around and who is it that I see?
My dear sweet husband is standing there,  smiling down at me.

He caresses my face and says to me,  “You were singing in your sleep.
You were humming a tune from long ago, about “Safely Grazing Sheep”.

My eyes well up and then I smile at my husband of many years.
Mama is gone and I am old and I wipe away my tears.

It was just a dream, but it felt SO real, I could feel her loving essence.Perhaps she came to visit me as a lovely Christmas present! 


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