Friends or Acquaintances


My New Years resolution is to use wisdom in how I interact with people.

There are some people in our life who are rays of sunshine who reflect back to us what we give out, much like a mirror. I have heard it said that our friends are the mirror to our soul.

Then there are those who give little in return to a relationship, where the burden of staying in touch falls on you. If you find yourself in the position of always being the initiator, even if they always say yes, then it is best if you understand they are not all that interested or invested in you. It is to these people My New Years resolution gives a nod.

Life is short. Spend it with those who make you glad you took the time to spend it with them, even if you are commiserating about something sad. It isn’t difficult to tell the difference between your acquaintances and your friends. With one group you KNOW you are loved. With the other you wonder about the depth of their feeling for you.

Thank you God for allowing me to meet my fair share of true friends. Acquaintances are good too Lord, I just need to remember who resides in each category and then invest in the ones who reflect back to me a happiness about my existence. This applies to everyone in my life!
I am so glad I made it to 2017!     Hallelujah to that!

Amen  (jjb) january 1, 2017

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