See funny, funny Mother! 

(This is not my work.  I don’t know who the author is because it was sent to me a long time ago by a friend with no credit listed).  I have spent two days in our home office sorting, sorting and organizing.  I was very tired this afternoon when I came across this random writing and I laughed out loud.  In the old days, I was this Mother.  I hope it gives some other Mothers a bit of a chuckle too! Since we are only two weeks into January, Christmas may still be fresh on our minds and this may serve as a reminder of where the magic of Christmas really comes from)

See Mother.  See Mother laugh. Mother is happy. Mother is happy about Christmas.  Mother has many plans.Mother has many plans for Christmas.  Mother is organized.  See Mother smile!  Mother smiles all the time.  Funny, funny Mother.

See Mother.  See Mother smile. Mother is happy.  Mother has finished shopping. See the children watch t.v.  See the  children change their minds.  See them ask Santa for different toys. See Father taking a nap. See mother go shopping again.  Mother is not smiling.  Funny, funny Mother! 

See Mother sew.  See Mother make gifts.  See Mother make costumes.  See Mother make dresses and robes. See Mother sew sleeve in wrong.  See Mother cut skirt too short.  See Mother buy more material.  See sewing machine break. See Mother measure wrong and cut wrong again. See Mother throw material  away.  See Mother go shopping again. 

See Mother.  See Mother buy nuts and sugar.  See mother buy eggs and flour. See Mother carry groceries to house.  See Mother drop bag. See mother mopping up eggs.  See father napping in recliner.  See Mother go to the store again.

See Mother mixing up cookies. See children cutting out cookies.  See the flour on floor.  See the flour on the wall. See the cookies burn.  See the cake fall. See the fudge boil over.  See the children pulling taffy. See Mother pulling her hair.  See Mother clean the kitchen with a shovel!  Funny, funny Mother! 

See Mother.  See Mother wrap presents.  See Mother hunt for scotch tape. See Mother run put of Christmas wrap.  See Mother hunt for Christmas cards.  Searching, searching, searching.  See Mother go shopping for Christmas cards.  See Mother go.  See Mother go.  See Mother go to store 7 times in one hour.  See Mother go fast.  See Mother go faster.  See father napping on sofa. Run Mother run.  See kids fighting.  See Mother screaming.  Mother is not funny anymore.

See Mother get ready for a party.  See Mother wash walls.  See Mother scrub carpet. See Mother trim tree.  See Mother cry. See Mother go to store at 11:00 for new tree lights.  See Father watching football game. See Mother get hives.

At last it is Christmas!  See the happy children!  See the happy Father.  Father loves Christmas. The children love Christmas. See Father smile.  See the children smile.  See the happy, happy family! 

Look, look!  Where is Mother?  Mother is slumped in a chair.  Mother doesn’t look so good.  Mother has dark circles under her bloodshot eyes. See Mother stare into space.  Why can’t Mother be like happy, happy Father? 

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