Just the facts, M’am, just the facts!


“Just the facts M’am, just the facts!   That’s really ALL I need.”
I don’t want your negative opinions!  Your slanderous words I will not read!

A long time ago, the news was real.  It was based upon the facts.
The news was reported once a day. it was delivered with decorum and tact.

” America the Beautiful” is now ugly with opinions, insults and hate.
We need to remember what “civilized” means before it beomes too late! 

If what you say has merit, you need not insult me while giving your view.Give me the facts in a friendly way so I might try to understand your view.

The way we see the world these days, is often different from each other.
Perhaps we can find our way to peace by behaving like sisters and brothers.

MANY people have fought and died for our right to disagree.
Many a parent has lost their child who fought for our right to be free.

Hate and blame and callng names will never find a common ground.
Tolerance and love and an open mind is where world peace is found. 

“Just the facts, M’am, just the facts! (Is really all we need!)”
The path through truth on the way to peace is the only advice to heed.







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