Pitchin’ pitchin’ pitchin’ stuff!
Material possessions I’ve had enough!
Don’t want my house so full of things.
“Less is more”, my heart sings!

What made me think I needed more?
Bringing things in through the door?
I bought these things in the city.
“Oh my gosh this is SO pretty!”

“Look at that darling little gnome!”
“I have to buy it and bring it home!”
“It will look cute by my front door.
“Maybe I should buy just one more?”

“Oh look!  I love those pretty dishes!”
“These will fill my many wishes!”
“I like that sofa and I LOVE that chair!”
“They would look nice anywhere!”

Candles, baskets, this and that!
“Don’t you love that wide brimmed hat?”
Now I ponder years of spending.
Some old and worn and in need of mending!

What in the world was I thinking?
My big new house began its shrinking.
I feel so nervous with this much stuff.
I’ve really had quite enough!

Out the door, out the door!
You are not welcome here no more.
“Oh my goodness! There is so much space!
We need to buy a smaller place! 


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