Writers Block

Its been a while since I have written.
Writers block knocked me flat.
Nary a thought formed in my head.
Words failed me and that was that!

My Muse must have gone on vacation.
Perhaps to an exotic locale?
I have been praying for her return to me.
I have missed my cerebral pal.

Oh my!  I can feel some movement.
Thoughts are whirling in my brain.
I hear her softly whispering to me.
“I’ve come home to you once again!”

I can hear a rhythmic rhyming.
Words are flowing into place. 
My muse is back and talking to me.
A smile just slides across my face.

Hallelujah!  Amen! The block is gone.
My brain is full to overflowing.
I begin to type the words that come.
My friend knows where this is going!  

“Who is this friend?” You ask me? 
Who is this friend within my head?
Why this is my muse who is part of me.
Feeding me language so my soul is fed! 


(copywrite LLC)

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