Inside my head

I cried when I heard my Mother had passed.
Could it be that she really was dead?
I cried for my loss and was feeling bereft.
Until  I saw her inside of my head! 

She came to see me as I was sleeping.
She greeted me as I slept in my bed.
She was young and beautiful and full of mirth.
She most certainly was not dead!

When I woke up in the mornimg.
Thoughts of her visit remained in my head.
Memories of her in my sweet little dream.
Is how my mourning soul was fed.

Oh Mom! How much I miss you!
I think of the things you have said.
I wish we could sit and talk heart to heart.
Not in a dream, but in person instead.

Yet, you have given me hope of heaven.
You have fed me some heavenly bread.
You fed my desire to see you again,
As I slept in my earthly bed! 

Thanks, Mom…it was great to see you! 

Jjb/8/12/2017 (copyright 2017)

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