I can hear Polka music playing 🎶
It is Sunday back on the farm.
🎶 Music is playing on the radio 🎶
Dad twirls Mom around on his arm.

🎶 Ooom-pa-pa!  Ooom-pa-pa! 🎶
They are swirling to and fro.
Dancing to the “ooom-pa-pa” beat 🎵
🎵 From their old time radio! 

Accordian, drums and tuba, 
🎶 Such a lively, happy beat 🎶
The sound of a concertina,
Brought tap-tap-tapping to my feet! 

🎶 Oooom-pa-pa, Ooom-pa-pa! 🎶
It brings memories of Mom and Dad.
This music puts a smile on my face,
So why then, do I feel so sad?

I guess I just miss my Mama. ❤️
I miss my Papa too. ❤️
I am now the age they were back then,
When polka music was loved by those two.

I’ll bet they are dancing in heaven.
Swirling around to the polka beat.
🎶 “Ooom-pa-pa, Ooom-pa-pa” 🎶 loudly plays.
And St. Peter is tapping his feet! 😇

Jjb/8/13/2017 (copyright)

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