Andrea Sophia

Oh how much I wanted her! I prayed and prayed and prayed.
I prayed for a daughter just like me. God said “She’ll be custom made!
“I will give you the daughter you asked for, with one tiny little twist..
She’ll be an improved version of you. She will be just what you have wished.
She will be a way for you to learn. She will share with you her world views.
Her value lies in her accepting heart, which is similar to the one in you!
I won’t give you a little “mini-me”, from whom you could not learn! 
This young girl will be your blessing and her lessons you will need to discern!
Look at how she loves herself, humbly accepting where she is flawed.
She knows her beauty lies within and she knows she was made by God.”
She has a free and loving spirit and sometimes she could use some tact.
She isn’t concerned with status in life, and that, quite simply, is fact.
In her eyes we are ALL equally made, differences don’t matter a bit.
Her house and car are simple and nice, for their budget were a respectable fit.
Her Mother likes all kinds of music…country and Gospel and blues.
If you ask Andrea the music she loves
, “Aerosmith” is who she will choose! 
Fashion that I like, she does not. (My style is just not for her).
But, she loves me a lot and knowledge of this, gives this old Mom’s heart a stir.
I am a much better person now from all the lessons she has brought.
I watched and listened as she has lived and sometimes we even fought.
One thing that makes me happy is how she respects her Mom and Dad.
She makes us feel important to her, and it makes our old spirits glad.
The bond is great between us, though we are as different as we can be. 
God chose her to be my daughter! She isn’t perfect, but she is perfect for me!!!!



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