Commonly Imperfect

Sometimes I find myself wondering if I have contributed to life in a way God intended when He sent me to earth.  After all, I am only average! I haven’t really achieved excellence at much of anything!  I realize God has given me talents which I have joyfully used when I garden, landscape, write, and create.  God also gave me the blessing of love and empathy and caring and I DO use these to the utmost of my ability.  It is automatic.  I feel other peoples pain often and always want to comfort anyone who is hurting. It is a built in mechanism of Gods own design.  People pleasing seems to be my forte’ and it can become  burdensome at times, maybe even to all concerned! 

Yet, even as I KNOW that I am most common and average, I can see the above average people in this world.  I see and read about those who have done great things for mankind, people like scientists who keep discovering medicines and cures and the Doctors who implement these.  I see inventors, great thinkers, and major problem solvers who help humanity. ….I see that there are people who are smarter, more ambitious, more accomplished and more recognized in this world.  No trophies, degrees, awards or footnotes in history books will ever have my name on them!  The question is, does this bother me?   No, I camnot say that it does!!  As Abraham Lincoln once said, “God must have loved the common man because he made so many of them!”  So there you go! This is proof that God loves me because He created for me, my own tiny little place in this vast universe, and I know that God makes no mistakes! 

As I think about my contributions to the world, I think my best contributions were when I provided my body as a vehicle for three of Gods chosen spirits to come to earth.  While so many of us look forward to a heavenly experience, God was looking forward to an earthly experience for these three souls where they would learn about the results of love and the consequences of hate.  What better way to learn than to learn something first hand?  

God gave these children to two very imperfect people who were quite ordinary in all their ways. The one exception to our ordinariness was God knew our ability to love our children would be extraordinary, and it has always been this way since the day we were blessed with these sweet souls!  One just cannot have a spirit of God pass through ones body without having a feeling of eternal love for this living, breathing creation of God Himself! 

So, as I sit here contemplating our own eternal souls with the earthly names of Al and Juanita, and think about us existing in these aging bodies with unknown expiration dates,  I smile.  God gave these two imperfect parents some imperfect children because He knew that with all of us living amongst all these individual imperfections, we would learn how to give and receive perfect love, because perfect love comes from our Creator.

Our children learned a lot from us as they grew up and we learned a lot from our children! God knew we would be a perfect earthly union of eternal souls who would perfect the art of unconditional love for each other.  We don’t love each other for our perfect ways. We love each other for all the ways we are imperfect because it gives us all permission to be wholly (not Holy) human.  

Perfection reigns in heaven and we aren’t there yet.  But someday we will be and then we will realize that our imperfections were Gods carefully selected tools through which to learn about His perfect love. Our earthly lessons are rather simple.  Common men and women learn them well. We learn how to love the way God loves us which is not in spite of our imperfections but because of them.  I, for one, am very, very grateful because our children were blessed with a very common, ordinary, imperfect and flawed Mother and Father.  Because of me and their Dad, our children should ace their unconditional love test when they return to God!  ❤️


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