Here today, gone tomorrow!

As we begin our newest journey, I find myself thinking of our friend Delores.  She was one of the most enthusiastic followers of our little retirement journey’s. Contrary to how it may appear, I am not wholly comfortable sharing photos and details of our trips, except for with some friends and family.  I am very aware of the yawns that can appear when any one of us decide to share highlights of our lives, particularly in photos! I usually try to keep my own image out of the shots, choosing instead to photograph Al or little Willie, partly because I have never been all that crazy about having my picture taken and want to avoid the factor of looking like I am promoting “self” which is just not my style.

Having said this, quite some time ago when I first posted a few pics from some long ago trip, I was surprised to hear from various fb friends about how much they really enjoyed the pictorials, not because the pictures were all that great, but because for a number of reasons, these people could “travel” with us from the comfort of their own home! People pleaser extraordinaire that I am, this encouragement set me in motion to bring some light into the lives of those who expressed a desire for more. 

My friend, Delores, was one of these fans.  She could not travel anymore, though she certainly could well afford to do so.  She had become somewhat housebound and she would always write to tell me how much she enjoyed the diversion I provided as she looked at pictures taken in a multitude of places.  She really loved Little Willie, calling him a “rascal” and voicing how she hoped to meet him some day.  (Naturally, Little Willie loved hearing this because while his name is Little Willie, his ego is not so little!  If truth be told, his ego is super sized because of his related blood line to the great Willie Nelson.  He loves how much they resemble each other and, well, sometimes he can be a bit self absorbed! 😎

Much to my great surprise, Delores died not so long ago.  My surprise is testimony to her uncomplaining personality.  While I knew she had health issues, I did NOT know she was not long for this world.  Because of our contact by way of facebook, she had become a good friend and I really miss her.  Now, as Al and I journey out on this latest trip, I have her in the forefront of my mind, wondering what she would have thought of this latest round of photos!  I am SO glad I brought a little bit of this beautiful world to her by way of technology.  She said it was fun to feel as if she was in the back seat of our car with Little Willie, cruising down the road! 

Without doubt, facebook tends to show just the highlights of a persons life, but rest assured, the life of Al and Juanita is not all sunshine and laughs.  We have had our own fair share of unhappiness, disappoinments, fear, hurt, and feelings of aloneness just as so many others have experienced.  However, contrary to the negativity we see on a daily basis, we have decided to focus on and to share the beauty and blessings of the world we live in!  The hymn “This is my Fathers World” comes to mind quite often as we find ourselves drinking in the beauty of Gods world, a world he chose especially for us in which live.  All that is beautiful, all that is good, and all that is true belongs to God, and I am so grateful He decided to share these things with me and Al and our family and friends.

So, as we begin this newest journey we tip back our celebratory glass and say ..”This one is for you Delores!”   I will miss your enthusiastic reaction and your sweet, caring responses to the things we chose to share!   You have taught us that while we are here today, we may not be here tomorrow, and that we should live, really LIVE in each moment we get.  Let us celebrate and focus on all  that is good, and turn away from that which is not.  

(Hey!  Maybe THIS time, you really are in the back seat with Willie?)  If so, maybe you could gently wrap your angel wing around his little hillybillie mouth and teach him how to be a gentleman!   Blessings to you if you manage to create a silk purse out of a sweaty bandana! Ha! Ha! 


May the Lord bless you and keep you.

may the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace! 



3 thoughts on “Here today, gone tomorrow!

  1. Carol

    Jbussman you are so talented with your words. I too enjoyed your travels with little willie and it is so pleasing to hear of Delores. She was quite a lady hat enjoyed life. Yes she will be missed.


    1. Carol

      Jbussman you are so talented with your words. I too enjoyed your travels with little willie and it is so pleasing to hear of Delores. She was quite a lady that enjoyed life. Yes she will be missed.
      Yes Angel wings for Delores.


      1. Busswoman Post author

        Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you find pleasure in my writings! I appreciate you telling me so! Love,to,you and Uncle Herbie!


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