My Muse

I did not choose to be a writer. The “writer” has chosen me.

I suddenly picked up my pen one day and began writing eagerly.

It was when I first began to write where my pen wrote fast and furious.

It seemed the words came “through” me  which made me very curious.

Is it true that some people have muses? Do muses guide and inspire?

I think this is true because when my muse is around, I never seem to tire.

I feel such passion as I write, my fingers fly across the keys.

When I write, my mind is alight with words which flow with ease.

My need to write Has become so strong, I cannot seem to stop.

I do not care who reads my words, nor if the piece is thought a flop.

Memories bring words about those I have loved who are no longer here.

These words have the power to bring them close so I can hold them near.

I get to remember those I have known, from the moment I came to earth.

Yes, this includes even those who were here and present at my birth.

THIS writer is never lonely because of the memories within in my head

It is here where the memories of my life are encouraged and also fed.

When I am tired and it is time to sleep, and words I begin to lose,

I go to bed and in my dream filled head these memories are fed by my Muse! 


2 thoughts on “My Muse

  1. Carol

    I so love reading the words you tap off from your typewriter and to share them with you Uncle whom will be 93 this month.



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