What is it like to be old you ask?

What is it like to be old you ask? Well, let me ponder what to say.

I don’t remember getting older…..(Wasn’t I young just yesterday?)

Old age doesn’t change who we are inside. We are the same as we have always been.

The only thing about us that changes, my dear, is the body our spirit lives in.

Where once our hair was thick and full, it is now thin across our crown.

Where once our face was smooth as glass, there are many wrinkles to be found.

Our hearing has faded just a little bit, and our eyes need glasses to see.

When we pass the mirror we stop with a start, wondering who this reflection can be?

The outside does not matter that much, for we have new bodies waiting for us.

The time will come when after our death, our ashes will mix with the dust.

In Heaven we will be new again! We will be renewed in body and spirit.

I am in no hurry to live there now, but I really do not fear it.

Our souls are always young and alive, and alive our souls will always be.

This baby, turned child, turned adult, (now old) will live for eternity.

I am all the ages I have ever lived, it just depends upon the day.

Some days my spirit is much like a child, and some days I am old and gray.

I see the world just as I always have, I have not noticed the passing of time.

I am as happy as I ever have been and I am feeling just really fine.

Don’t let my exterior fool you. I am not as old as I appear.

My spirit was created to be ageless and it does not count the years.

How does it feel to be old you ask? You will just have to wait and see.

If you are as blessed as I have been, some day you’ll be old like me.

Life is how you see it. Life is what you decide it will be.

Feeling old can be a happy time, if you make up your mind it will be!

invest your energy into your inner self and create the beauty you want to be.

The ageless beauty inside my soul is the truest reflection of “me.”


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