Tappity tap

Tap-tap-tap-tappity-tap-tap….followed by a ZING!

This is how my typewriter and its carriage sings!

I like typing the words that keep filling up my head.

These words don’t have to be verbally said.

My Muse comes and whispers to me each night.

I think and dream then write, write, write.

I am a writer, and this is my passion.

I write and write til my brain starts crashing’

There are many words and not enough time.

Sometimes I write stories, sometimes I write rhymes.

This isn’t about making a name for myself.

I don’t care if my scripts gather dust on the shelf.

I am just grateful for the time and a place to express,

all the things I have never had a chance to address.

My audience is just one and it happens to be me.

Which suits me just fine, if it is meant to be.

I go into my room and then I close the door.

I begin writing and rewriting what I wrote before.

When my Muse shows up and gives me a sign,

She feels like a wonderful friend of mine.

She encourages me to write one more poem or story.

My thoughts can be calm and sometimes they are soaring.

I like to write my stories late into the night.

It is then where my imagination takes flight!

Writing brings me joy and an enhanced way of living.

I am happy to keep my typewriter tapping and zinging!


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