It has been a busy couple of days! We made a decision to lighten up the color in one of our guest rooms, so we spent the last two days painting, each of us having our own part in this project! It looks larger now, minus the rich chocolate color that has been there for the last two decades. The room is now happily sporting a very light pale green paint on the walls. We both love it! The room still looked new with the chocolate brown walls and complimenting comforter and drapes, despite all the years they have been there. The drapes and spread have been barely used. Yet, after 2 decades it was time to change it out and bring light into that room!

I like puttering with things in our home. It makes me feel young somehow. Most older people just live with what is, but because I don’t feel old, I am always in the process of refreshing our home here and there with anticipation of the life that is still to come. We have been downsizing our “stuff” to make it easier for the time when we can’t stay here anymore. The updating is in anticipation of years and years of still living here. So, in my mind we are working towards two different outcomes. We know NOT which it will be.

Aging is a funny thing! If we add up our years, we recognize that our age is considered by others to be old. Yet, our spirits do not recognize this being the case. I think the fact that our souls are “eternal” gives us the ability to think youthfully. Never, ever, do I feel “old” and I imagine this is also due to relatively good health. To date, I haven’t had an “oh, oh moment” and I am grateful.

My husband has gone to bed after making a fabulous dinner for both of us. It would be an understatement for me to say I got lucky when I met Al. Never in all my life have I ever had anyone who has been so good and kind to me, and I have to say, I have been blessed by many caring people around me. He is an amazing man, and I often find myself in awe of the blessing of him in my life. All that I have and enjoy is directly due to him. I thank God daily for the gift of his love and devotion in my life.

I have had an amazing life. My life hasn’t been perfect by any means. But, looking back, I thank God for those who have tested me, betrayed me, rejected me, ignored me, not appreciated me, or cared for me as much as I have cared for them. These people brought to me an appreciation of those who were there for me. The contrast in the behaviors of people I know has taught me to cherish those who treat me with love and respect. They are not as plentiful as those who don’t.

I am tired. Despite the energy one feels when involved in a project at this age, it is later when the body begins to complain! The room turned out beautiful. Thank you Lord for the energy supplied to complete another project. Thank you for another day! Thank you for those who love me. Thank you for those who don’t. The contrast is good for creating a true appreciation of the blessings in our life. Amen!


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