Me, Myself and I

I bought myself some flowers today

I was not sure exactly why.

I just decided to buy a bunch,

when I saw them as I passed by.

I have not ever done this before.

We give flowers to the people we love.

But suddenly as I thought of myself,

I was embraced by warmth from above.

It is important for us to show ourselves,

love and kindness and caring.

I love the one who lives inside of myself.

We make such an excellent pairing!

I bought my flowers and then found a vase.

I arranged them til they appealed to me,

I set them out on my old wooden table.

I whispered “this is to me….from me!”

I have always been my own true friend,

I always loved me when I needed it most.

“I love you” was what I said to myself.

Though it’s not something I usually boast.

As I sit here viewing my flowers,

I am feeling extremely blessed

I am so glad I gave me some flowers

To enhance my beloved nest.

I encourage you to begin this new practice,

for the times you are sad or blue.

Go out and buy yourself some flowers.

As a gift from yourself to you!

You will feel the sadness dissipate,

You will feel love growing within your heart.

You will suddenly feel your courage grow,

As you look forward to a brand new start!

Jjb/ 9/9/2018

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