Time goes by…

When I was born I became a daughter,

I became a sister too.

I grew up and became a good man’s wife,

As we promised each other “I do”.

Time went by and I became a Mother.

My new baby I held in my arms.

A head full of hair, so artfully combed.

I was in love with his sweet baby charms.

More time passed and I held a baby again,

He was a boy, our second son.

With a serious face he held my gaze,

Our journey had just begun.

Then came time for petticoats pink,

Our sweet baby girl, such a joy to see.

Ribbons and bows tied up in her hair,

So precious to her Father and me.

The years swiftly passed until one day,

Fatherhood visited our son.

Another baby to hold, a sweet little girl,

A grandchild, our very first one.

Now she is grown, going off in the world.

This woman who was once a child.

How did it all happen so quick?

When I asked her, she only smiled.

From Daughter to Mother to Grandmother,

How quickly my life has passed by!!!

When did it all happen that I became old?

Didn’t I just marry that sweet young guy?

My Mother felt the very same way.

As she grew old, her life felt too brief.

She looked at her past and when she looked ahead,

She realized “tick-tock” was a thief.

Dear Mother, you brought me into this world,

For YOU, I’ve always been glad.

You raised me up to be honest and good.

You taught the best lessons I’ve had.

My Mother has now gone to a better world.

Her faith’s reward is her heavenly place.

I miss her so much, I wish she was here.

So I could see her beautiful face.

From baby to Grandma, the years flew by,

The rest of life will seem like a day.

I will slow down to savor my journey.

Because life’s clock just keeps ticking away.