My One and Only One!

I whistle as I walk today under a sky that is sunny and blue.

I can feel my heart skip a beat each time I think of you.

I remember when we first met, (my heart skipped a beat then too).

I remember seeing on your face a smile so honest and true.

You were so beautiful in many ways,  your face, your soul, your heart. 

My heart was yours to have and hold right from the very start.

Our love was so passionate it burned like white hot fire.

Here and now, in our elder years, our hearts still hold a deep desire.

Our hair has grown thinner, and wrinkles line our face. 

I love laying by your side at night. It is my favorite place.

Your face is just as beautiful with life sketched upon its planes.

I am grateful to share life’s journey with you, I would do it all over again. 

I see I’m at the end of my walk. I am back home where I first begun.

My heart quickens as I think of you waiting for me, my one and only one. 












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