Resting in Peace & Grace

I am sitting here in my own little spot.

My surroundings are calm and serene.

I see the world’s many troubles,

Since the pandemic came onto the scene.

At first, I read and watched the news.

I read stories of sickness and death.

It scared me so much I trembled in fear,

i could scarcely catch my breath.

Politicians were not working together.

They slandered and argued and lied.

They filled the news with fear each day

While people got sick and died.

We were told we must “shelter in place”.

Social distancing became the norm.

The streets were empty of humankind.

Because the virus took us by storm.

We hunker down in our houses,

Groceries are delivered to our doors.

We teleconference to communicate.

We buy online instead of in stores.

Millions are now unemployed

The economy is beginning to crash,

We sit here in a helpless state

At night, we toss and turn and thrash!

As our churches now stand empty,

The devil must laugh with glee!

His evil is spreading around us.

Yet I know our Lord is protecting me.

I shut off all the t.v. news.

I threw the newspapers away.

I went to sit out in my garden.

I bowed my head and prayed.

Lord, please grant me a fearless spirit!

Help me stand strong in the storms ahead.

Please save us all from each other.

Please grant that our souls be fed.

As we live through this very dark time.

Bless us with courage and make us kind.

Please take us by the hand, Dear Lord.

You are the only hope we can find!

Please erase the devils darkness.

Fill the world with your love filled light.

Please stamp out all the evil.

Show the world your power and might.

We bow down low to honor You!

We ask forgiveness for all our sins.

We turn now from our foolish ways.

With Your help, this war we will win!

I sit here now and feel your peace.

I am ready for what will be.

I wait here now for your answer.

Because YOU know what is best for me!

This life and world are not all there is.

Redemption lies in that other place.

I trust your timing in all that You do.

I will rest in your love and grace.



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