So, during this time of shelter in place in the days of Covid-19, we are now half way through our 4th month of not going anywhere and seeing very, very few people (occasionally we see our Austin son and his fiancée at a proper 6 foot distancing measure). It always gives my heart a lift to just see his face and spend time in his presence. Despite our hearts pining for friendships from times past, and a hug here or there, we have managed to fill our days with home projects, gardening, planting and purging of things we no longer use. The key to successful confinement is changing up the routine from day to day. Keep busy and keep it interesting.

This has been an experience unlike any we have ever had before. We have unlimited time to do anything we want, within the confines of our home and our small urban lot. At first it was almost daunting, trying to figure out how to live life hidden away from the rest of the world. Despite living near a big city, we are as isolated as Laura Ingles Wilder ever was, and probably more so, because she at least could talk to their neighbors and mingle with the townsfolk and go to school. Even in the days of TB sanitariums, the patients at least had different nurses and Drs and could have occasional visitors, so, this isolation has had its challenges. However, once we got into the rhythm of our new life we began to explore the world through books, internet, documentaries and movies.

In many ways, it has a actually been a very freeing experience.

We are free to go to bed when we like, get up when we want, eat when and what we want, dress how we want, (or not) and shower as much or as little as our partner encourages! HaHa!

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching a number of documentaries and this most recent one about the life of Tasha Tudor was especially fun. She was an illustrator and an author of world wide reknown. She was born into a wealthy family, but even in her childhood, as well as on into her adulthood, she lived in unusual circumstances. She eventually grew up, married and had children.

In her adult life she chose to live an existence that replicated a time gone by, about a century precious to the one she was born into. She was purposely without modern conveniences, and spent time making her own clothes from the wool of sheep she kept on her farm.

The documentary on Amazon Prime “Take Joy” The Magical world of Tasha Tudor’ is an enjoyable experience where the visuals are filled with scenes of time gone by. Following, are some photos from her website for you to enjoy. Imagine living there…in this time and this place! The movie is not long (about 45 minutes) so after the movie I wanted to know more about her and began to search on the internet. To say she was eccentric would be an understatement, but she is also delightful to watch and listen to. You almost forget which century is being filmed as you watch the movie.

Anyway, enjoy these photos from Corgi Cottage in Vermont. I am just SO sorry I did not know about her and her farm when we went to see the Von Trapp Lodge which is also in Vermont. However these photos give us a little taste! If you are ever going to go to Vermont, give them a call and reserve tickets for a garden tour! It will be like a step back in time!

When you go in search of Tasha Tudor, you will recognize many of her illustrations in books from your children’s and your own growing up years.



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