Mr. Positive….

So, Mr. Positive, Mr., “Gee, isn’t life great?” finally hit the quarantine wall this morning when he read about the lockdown being mandated as extended until December 15th. On top of that, people without masks will be fined $500.00, which isn’t an issue for the two of us, who never go anywhere. But, on the rare occasion that we do, we wear our masks. What is getting him down is the ever increasing regulations. Al always has a smile in his voice and a lift in his step, always! Today he has been moping around so I made him a late brunch which he appreciated but was still shuffling around.So now, at my suggestion, we are sitting in our tree swings under our giant oak tree and reading. The chimes above us sound like church bells and we are each sporting a fan to assist in the slight summer breezes we feel today! I hope this lifts him up!I suggested to him that we take a road trip to an area of the country with very few cases of Covid just for a change of scenery, and we may just do that. It all depends on what is happening with the Pandemic at the time! I have to get my cataract surgery behind me over the next few weeks and then we will have our annual physicals that are also scheduled right after the cataract surgery! That brings us to September. Mid September will be our 6 month mark of being shelter in place!There have been many, many blessings during this time…we have accomplished many home projects, read many books, watched many videos, Al has done a lot of fishing, we have relearned the art of cooking and baking, and we have bonded nicely! So what’s the problem? It kind of sounds like paradise doesn’t it?

What is lacking is having a purpose in giving back to the world, serving others, and the sense of having value because we give value! It has been written that “No man is an island” and this is living proof! Happiness doesn’t come from serving oneself. It only comes from serving others!Oooops! He has left the swing! It is a very HOT summer day in central Texas and despite the nifty fans and the lofty over head shade bequeathing tree limbs, the air feels like it is blasting from an inferno when the temps are reading 102 degrees! Even the Cicadas sound tired as they begin their drumroll. As much fun as the swing is, it is just too hot to stay here at this time of day! I think I will go find him and see if he wants to get in the outdoor spa and splash around a bit! I glance up to the old oaks magnificent branching and leaves and whisper goodbye.

I just have to add a post script to this to show how well the Lord listens…..After I posted this I went in search of Al. I found him indoors on the phone talking cheerily to someone! It turns out it was his young high school friend Paxton who called him on a whim. Paxton is a high school senior who Al mentored a couple of years ago through the church. They got on like family immediately and formed a wonderful friendship. Just like Grandpa and Grandson! The mentorship came to a close when that school year ended but they have stayed in touch…at least until Covid came to town! I just can’t believe how perfect this timing was! God is good!

So ends another day in the 2020 Pandemic! The clock is still ticking away as we pray for an end to all of this! Al said he feels much better now than he did this morning. It is amazing what a little loving attention will do for someone!



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