Eye Candy…Day 2

It is 7:30 in the morning and day 2 since my left eye surgery. I left my eye patch on all day yesterday and through the night last night and each time that nature called I could see my way through the patch far better than I could see with my right eye by a large margin!

Now as I am typing this, I can see my words with crystal clear clarity! I picked up my book and could easily see to read! I am entranced with this new world I live in!

Even beyond the miracle of clear vision is the added miracle of clear natural color! As I do my right eye left eye alternating blinks, the contrast is so big, it makes me wonder how I did not realize how much my cataracts had interfered with my visual color wheel! A third enhancement is the amount of light that I now see! It is a huge difference! Creams are actually white! We have white shutters in our Master Bathroom and I thought that after 23 years they had become a drab white..almost cream. This morning when I walked in there, I was taken aback by the pure whiteness of them. I swear to God, it is like our whole house has had a fresh coat of paint and a very good cleaning.

Al has had fun listening to me exclaim over my everyday miracles that are evolving! I told him last night that when God gave us contrast, He added for us our ability to appreciate opposites. For example after we are outside in really cold miserable weather, coming inside to a warm interior is a welcome gift of comfort and one that we appreciate. The same holds true for a person who is outside when the sun is blazing hot. Just stepping under the shade of a tree brings relief and we feel gratitude for the tree that provides that shade. Then, coming into an air conditioned and cooled interior from the extreme heat outside is yet another moment of “ahhhhhhhh!” Absolute appreciation for the gift of cool.

So it is for the people of this world with severe myopia! We, who have a corrective lens given to us so we can see, whether that lens is in a frame, on our eye, or surgically implanted within the eye are grateful recipients to this visual correction!! Add to this gift the miraculous removal of a discolored corneal lens that had dulled and added a brownish tint to everything we look at and after the new clear lens is installed, there seems to be angels singing with an internal orchestra playing in my head! Lol!I pray that I never come a time where I take this new sight for granted. This surgery for me is life changing. As one Dr. said, my eyes have returned to seeing colors as I saw them when I was 20. The gradual discoloration of my corneal lens happened over the last 50 years so I just did not know it was happening! Today I see colors in their true natural state of being!

I told Al that when I read about Near Death Experiences, most everyone describes heaven as a place of many colors…beautiful brilliant colors one has never seen before and because of that they are hard to describe.. Today I am in my own little heaven on earth and the angels begin singing in my head every time I see something I have not seen before which is pretty much every object my eyes glance at.

Next Monday I will have surgery on my right eye to get the worst of the two cataracts removed! I could not be more excited! This is, undoubtedly, the best gift I have ever been given!

Today I go in for my post surgery check up and I am going to make Dr. Rhodes understand fully how much his skill as a surgeon has changed my life.


2 thoughts on “Eye Candy…Day 2

  1. Cheryl Benson

    Atta girl Juan!! Exactly how I felt after my right eye became normal after the removal of my wrinkled retina , the trees really did have green for leaves!! Is it not a major AWE
    Moment..nobody can even guess our days of the past.. … We should gather to count our blessings ❤️🤗🥰 I so miss our church.. still listen to the Sunday service, and wonder how we will distance our selves ???? When we are together again☺️ So onward .. excited for your next adventure with 2good eyes!! Miss you💋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Busswoman Post author

      Awe, thanks! I am living my new eye….one down and one to go! I just cannot believe how well I can see! I am over the moon about it! I miss EVERYTHING TOO! We just have to be patient cuz this, too, shall pass! (Please God! ) I am thinking church will be open by Thanksgiving, maybe sooner! Let’s meet sometime at Crepes and Coffee outdoors when it cools off a bit! Miss you too! ❤️💚💜💕💙



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