Eye can see clearly now!

I have been extremely myopic (nearsighted) my entire life. My first visual correction came in the form of glasses as age 7. My second visual correction came at age 16 with my first pair of contact lenses. How liberating they were at the time. Through the years as I got older, I developed cataracts on both eyes that not only made my vision worse, but I was also seeing things through a sepia tinted corneal lens. It was time to make a decision of what kind of lens to choose to replace my corneal lens. I opted for a PanOptix IOL lens because I wanted to treat myself to multifocal lenses that would allow me to see in the distance, intermediate for computers and close up for reading! PanOptix IOL’s were just approved in October 2019 by the FDA and were expensive, but my husband said “do it!”. So I did! Bless his heart!

A week ago I had my left cataract removed and yesterday my right remaining cataract was removed with PanOptix IOL lenses inserted! This morning, for the first time in my entire life, I opened my eyes and could see everything around me in absolute clarity! I could see the little clock and the time on my bedside table. I could see the ceiling fan turning above my head! I could see our children’s pictures on the opposite wall and a tapestry on a wall with an ocean view from a terrace! The colors that I see in both eyes is now vivid, true and clear.

I got up and walked into the kitchen and I felt as if I were seeing the world in HD! I know I have said this many times since my first eye was corrected a little over a week ago, but now with both eyes corrected, it feels like a miracle! It IS a modern miracle.

My heart is thankful and my heart is full! As I stood in the kitchen, I could see Al sitting in a chair across the room in the family room side of our combined living space and I could see the individual whiskers on his face. UNBELIEVABLE! 9 days ago, I could not even make out the features on his face from the same distance without my glasses or contacts!

My prayer is that I never take this new vision for granted! I pray often and with extreme gratitude for this miracle of 20/20 vision in the year 2020. I smile as I wrap myself in the feel good miracle of what God and Dr. Kyle Rhodes did for me! Out of gratitude, I want to live my life as if life itself were a prayer! It begins today!

Dr. Kyle Rhodes….you are my hero and I thank you so much!

Anyone looking for an excellent Ophthalmologist with a warm and friendly chair side manner, look no further! Out of 5 star rating, I give him a 6! 🥰

🎼I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!

🎼I can see all obstacles in my way🎼

🎼Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind🎼

🎼It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sun shiny day!

Loving the light!


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