Libraries and books

So, the electrician left this morning and I do believe that this was the final project completed in our new-old house! Yay for our team. After he left we hopped in the car to bring returns to UPS and to drop off clothes for alterations. It has been years since I have had anything altered so my mouth dropped when she quoted me prices for hemming garments! WHY didn’t I pay more attention in Home Economics back in school all those many years ago? Gulp!

From there we went to the Georgetown Library to gather up some books for our vacation! I am now a proud card carrying Georgetown Library citizen! I am sitting here sipping a chai tea by the Little Lemon cafe. We are looking forward to reading our books inside a cabana on the beach! It’s a way off yet, but we are really looking forward to some R & R after months and months of downsizing and moving and rehabbing.

We are ready for the next leg of our earth journey…new friends, new places to see, leisurely walks…oh yeah…aging isn’t so bad!

Georgetown Texas Library

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