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I am a woman who has loved the written word all my life. I was an avid reader throughout my childhood and am still hooked on books in my adulthood. Writing has been a hobby for a very long time. Opening a new blog is a new adventure and one I hope will be a positive experience. My goal is to simply have a place to put my thoughts down in an easy format, and if in the process, my words give another person some enjoyment, then it is all the better. In the meantime, I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN! (All rights reserved...content found within may not be used without permission)

Mr. Positive….

So, Mr. Positive, Mr., “Gee, isn’t life great?” finally hit the quarantine wall this morning when he read about the lockdown being mandated as extended until December 15th. On top of that, people without masks will be fined $500.00, which isn’t an issue for the two of us, who never go anywhere. But, on the rare occasion that we do, we wear our masks. What is getting him down is the ever increasing regulations. Al always has a smile in his voice and a lift in his step, always! Today he has been moping around so I made him a late brunch which he appreciated but was still shuffling around.So now, at my suggestion, we are sitting in our tree swings under our giant oak tree and reading. The chimes above us sound like church bells and we are each sporting a fan to assist in the slight summer breezes we feel today! I hope this lifts him up!I suggested to him that we take a road trip to an area of the country with very few cases of Covid just for a change of scenery, and we may just do that. It all depends on what is happening with the Pandemic at the time! I have to get my cataract surgery behind me over the next few weeks and then we will have our annual physicals that are also scheduled right after the cataract surgery! That brings us to September. Mid September will be our 6 month mark of being shelter in place!There have been many, many blessings during this time…we have accomplished many home projects, read many books, watched many videos, Al has done a lot of fishing, we have relearned the art of cooking and baking, and we have bonded nicely! So what’s the problem? It kind of sounds like paradise doesn’t it?

What is lacking is having a purpose in giving back to the world, serving others, and the sense of having value because we give value! It has been written that “No man is an island” and this is living proof! Happiness doesn’t come from serving oneself. It only comes from serving others!Oooops! He has left the swing! It is a very HOT summer day in central Texas and despite the nifty fans and the lofty over head shade bequeathing tree limbs, the air feels like it is blasting from an inferno when the temps are reading 102 degrees! Even the Cicadas sound tired as they begin their drumroll. As much fun as the swing is, it is just too hot to stay here at this time of day! I think I will go find him and see if he wants to get in the outdoor spa and splash around a bit! I glance up to the old oaks magnificent branching and leaves and whisper goodbye.

I just have to add a post script to this to show how well the Lord listens…..After I posted this I went in search of Al. I found him indoors on the phone talking cheerily to someone! It turns out it was his young high school friend Paxton who called him on a whim. Paxton is a high school senior who Al mentored a couple of years ago through the church. They got on like family immediately and formed a wonderful friendship. Just like Grandpa and Grandson! The mentorship came to a close when that school year ended but they have stayed in touch…at least until Covid came to town! I just can’t believe how perfect this timing was! God is good!

So ends another day in the 2020 Pandemic! The clock is still ticking away as we pray for an end to all of this! Al said he feels much better now than he did this morning. It is amazing what a little loving attention will do for someone!



Gifts and Blessings!

I have been thinking of my Mother a lot this morning, and as I do, I can feel my eyes misting over. How blessed I was to have been given the gift of that particular woman as my Mother and my mentor! I feel lonesome for her company today and I wish so much that we could sit and visit for hours on end as we once did. She and I used to talk about all sorts of topics, family, religion, morals, politics, and also frivolous things like recipes, gardening and decorating. I cannot wait to see her again. Someday we will meet in heaven and when we do, I will put my arms around her to give her one long and loving hug!

From time to time I come across things that have her handwriting, a lot of them book type gifts from her to me where she would mark the year and put my name on it with “From, Mom” at the bottom. Yesterday, I was cleaning out a closet and was setting aside books to donate to the library, when I came across yet another book in which she had inscribed a note to me. When I saw her handwriting, I brushed my hand across the surface of the page on which she had written. It was done in the form of a caress, and as I did this, her image appeared in my mind and she was smiling at me. I wonder if she knew how many times her little gifts would nudge me with a “hello daughter” at a much needed moment in time?

These are such dark times in America where we see evil at work all around us. There are people who are seeking to destroy an ideal that was formulated and put together by our forefathers. The Declaration of Independence was signed 234 years ago by people who envisioned a new world where people would be free to live and work and worship in a free society because they knew, firsthand, the hardship and grief of living in oppression under a tyrannical regime. Many of our ancestors faced fear and persecution and death in the pursuit of this new ideal which was described as a Republic and was represented by a flag. Many lives were lost in pursuit of this dream where they thought man should be able to make his own decisions on how to live, guided by God and laws that would protect all of us.

We have seen the moral decay taking place in our country for many decades and have allowed many uncomfortable changes in the name of “inclusion”. We became “politically correct”, not wanting to upset any of the special interest groups. Our lives were comfortable and many of us attended church on Sundays and prayed for the world but we were insulated from the reality of evil and danger that has existed in so much of the worlds societies. Our country has been under assault for a long time, but we were not aware of this because it was happening underground, out of our sight.

But, now, it has become a horrifying visual as we watch our cities being destroyed, looted and burned. We watch as churches are closed down and we are asked to comply. We are having our protectors in the name of the police departments disbanded and degraded. We see people hurting each other and yelling profanities in one place while our rights are being taken away bit by bit in another place. We see Bible burnings and flag burnings! How is it possible that so much hate could exist in a country that was founded “under God”?

Daily, I read about what is happening politically and it just takes my breath away, so much so, that I go in search of Gods word and promises. Is this the end times? Will Jesus be making an appearance? Many Pastors are talking more and more about end times which also makes me take pause, PRAY, and take note of my belief system. As a country we have to go back and remember that this country was deliberately formed as one nation under God! I wonder what my Mother would say if she could see what is happening and I can imagine her and I talking about it long into the night.

The Pledge of Allegiancee needs to be put back into the schools so our children learn to love and respect our country once again. Prayer needs to be encouraged in schools as well, each student praying in their own way. They were in place when I was in school. When did they go away?

I believe that there is life after this life, and it is a much better life than we can even imagine. It is a place where evil does not exist. There will be no more sickness, pain, hurt, or fear. We will all be in the presence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. There will be celebration and joy and singing. We will be surrounded by angels and loved ones who departed this earth long ago. We will be standing among other Christians and we will understand that we did not buy the ticket that got us there. The golden ticket to heaven was bought and paid for by God himself in the name and form of His chosen Son. Heaven is our gift from our Heavenly Father. How much better proof could He give us of His love for his creation, which includes each and every one of us?

He knew us before we were even in existence. You and I are not some quirk of nature. We were planned and created by God in his own image. If you are walking around this earth right now, you can rest happy in the knowledge that God chose YOU to partake in His Kingdom one day and all you have to do is say “I accept your gift, and I thank you!”

I like to imagine my Mother there in heaven. She and I used to debate the idea of when do we go to heaven? Is judgement right away after we draw our last breath, or is it when Jesus comes back? My Mother said, “Well I believe that it is one and the same, because when we die, it will be like going to sleep at night where you lose all sense of time. When you wake up in the morning it seems as if no time has passed at all because we were not conscious of the time that passed during our slumber.”. We talked of her death and mine too, and how and when we would meet again. She said to me, “We will meet again, of this I am sure! When I die, do not feel badly because ‘I will see you in the morning'”. Oh how I loved that visual being presented to me. Even now as I imagine her slumbering, I know that when God returns, she will rise up, and at some point our eyes will meet and she will greet me with “Good morning dear daughter. I had such a good sleep! I hope you slept well too!”

“Anita…Mother….I miss you so much, but what makes this separation bearable is knowing that we will see each other again under much better circumstances and in much better company!” I am glad you are not here to see what is happening in our world. You would feel so badly, knowing that your father and my father risked their lives when they fought to protect this countries freedoms!

I pat your written name one more time and then close the book. The first prayer you ever taught me goes through my head.

“Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep! If I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take. If I should live another day, I pray the Lord to guide my way. I love you Jesus, Amen!”

I’ll see you in the morning! I hope you are having a well deserved rest!


We are all in line!

August 4th, 2020


Every minute someone leaves this world behind. 

We are all in “the line” without knowing it. 

We never know how many people are before us. 

We cannot move to the back of the line. 

We cannot step out of the line. 

We cannot avoid the line. 

So while we wait in line – 

Make moments count. 

Make priorities. 

Make the time. 

Make your gifts known. 

Make a nobody feel like a somebody. 

Make your voice heard. 

Make the small things big. 

Make someone smile. 

Make the change. 

Make up. 

Make peace. 

Make sure to tell your people they are loved. 

Make sure to have no regrets. 

Make sure you are ready. 

Make sure you forgive. 

Make sure you help others. 

Make sure you are mindful. 

Make sure your compassion is bigger than your ego. 

Make sure you live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Love more Give more

Author unknown. 

Here’s looking at you kid!z

Recently, we brought our mantle clock into a clock shop for repair. Afterwards, we both went into a bit of withdrawal, not having our clock on our mantle for us to check the time. We had not realized how many times we glanced at that particular clock throughout the day! So, in our frustration, we attempted to order a cheap clock to temporarily replace the mantle clock and each one we received just did not have not large enough numbers or numbers well defined enough for viewing for “yours truly” who had her cataract surgery delayed when covid came to town.

After ordering at least 4 different clocks “on the cheap” as a temporary replacement for our mantle clock, (and returning them because of lack of ability to see them) we finally settled on this one. What a joy to be able to look up at the clock and SEE the time easily! Old habits die hard, and even though our phones and ipad and computer display the time, our eyes have long been trained to look at our mantle clock more times a day than we realized. The clock repair man said it would be several months before our old mantle clock would be ready for pick up due to a long list of customers ahead of us! Yay for the clock repair shop’s success in the days of covid. We don’t mind waiting and we are glad for him that he has a strong small business going on.

It was over 4 months ago when I had my final eye measurement appointment in preparation for my cataract surgery. I was nervously excited about the prospect of having a surgery that would give to me the 20/20 vision I was not born with! On that March day, the eye tech went through the many tests and measurements required and then said “O.K. the Dr. will be in in just a minute”. As I sat there I could feel butterflies in my stomach as I nervously anticipated the next step.

When he entered the room, he sat down on his chair and said “We’ve been shut down!” I said “Excuse me?”…He repeated what he said and then went on to explain it was a new ruling by the governor because of covid. He had just heard the news himself and was still trying to digest it. I felt more sad for him than myself. So, I went home with glasses on my face to wait until the next possible time for surgery. It is now the third week in July.

I have always had very poor vision, and I still remember feeling a sense of amazement followed immediately by gratitude on the first day I received my glasses when I was around 6 or 7 years old. Once they were placed on my face, I could actually see the world with crystal clear precision! I was very young and my new improved sight was all thanks to my teacher alerting the school nurse who in turn alerted my parents that I had a vision deficit. My parents immediately took me in to the Optometrist in town.

After a series of tests, the Dr. wrote a prescription for glasses. When I finally got them and put them on, I was in slack jawed awe. I just could not believe my eyes! What was lost was now found in the way of the visual details of our world. All the way home I kept exclaiming in amazement at what I could see. For the first time, I could see the word STOP on the stop sign, so I excitedly spelled the word out to my Dad! I could now see that trees were not a solid mass of green, but actually consisted of many different leaves and branches. I saw a couple of deer sprint into the woods along the roadside where previously I would not have even noticed them. At school, for the first time in my life, I could read the blackboard all the way from my desk! Earlier times I would stay in at recess so I could copy an assignment off of the blackboard. On the way home that day, I could not stop chattering about all that I could now see! It was a miracle.

Through the years, medicine advanced and once in high school, I was fitted with contact lenses. Another miracle! No more heavy framed glasses for me!

Here I am now, so many years later and I am going to be having surgery for my cataracts and will have the latest internal contact lenses on the market which will give me multifocal lenses. I will be able to see close up, middle distance and far away. I will donate my glasses to the Lions club for some poor soul who has vision deficit like I had and who will be as thrilled with their new corrected eyesight as I was when I got my first pair of glasses. It is a nice gift to give to someone! Pass the blessings along.

For my part, I anticipate when I will be able to open my eyes in the morning and for the very first time, be able to see my surroundings with great definition! To say I am excited would be an understatement.

I called my Ophthalmologist to see if they were open for surgery yet, and they are! My appointment is in two weeks for remeasuring,with surgery soon thereafter. I hope this will all work out this time!

For now, as I sit here, I look at our cheap replacement clock and feel gratitude that I can even see it with my glasses. Yup! Large numbers easily seen despite the cataract! I am so glad I live in the modern western world where we have so much available to us medically. Had I been born in an African outback, I would most probably have been eaten by a wild animal by now while wandering about, and I would never have seen it’s approach!

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and some of my greatest blessings have been teachers and school nurses and caring parents and good eye Drs, and those wonderful, creative people who figured out how to bring good vision to myopic people. There are so many people to be grateful for in the correction of my eyesight and some will remain nameless to me. Nevertheless, my heart is full of gratitude!

Thank you God for handing out so much talent to so many different people. we do need each other to feel whole on this earth!



129 Days – Saturday July 18, 2020

Lately, our days roll by without much fanfare. We are living our days out in the heat of summer here in central Texas, but it’s nothing that a bit of shade and an icy beverage can’t make a little more comfortable. Sheltering in place makes the pandemic seem far away from here, even though I have read the headlines declaring that Texas has become inundated with cases. It’s just that WE are not “out there” in the world at all, so unless I keep tabs on the news, we are more or less off the information grid, and I keep my reading to a minimum for the sake of peace of mind. There is nothing I can do about what is happening out there right now, so we focus on keeping busy here at home.

We have our routine down pat now as Al rises with the morning doves and I go to bed to the sounds of our old hooty owl sitting on our chimney. Because Al gets up so early, he also goes to bed early. The opposite is true for me. My burning the midnight oil, as it were, causes me to sleep later in the morning. It is a good system because it allows personal individual time for each of us to do whatever strikes our fancy.

Yesterday, I slept in very late because when I awoke earlier in the morning, I was coming out of a very comforting dream and I decided to roll over to see if I could catch more of the dream! I did! I had to smile to myself upon waking for the second time when I realized that I did not have to socially distance from anyone in my dream. There we all were, laughing and hugging each other and enjoying the love we felt! It felt wonderful to be sitting in close proximity to loved ones again which is why I rolled over to try and recapture the dream!

Al and I made a hearty breakfast this morning and carried it outside to enjoy on our porch with a hot cup of coffee. As we drank and ate, we visited with each other and I told him that despite what we know of the pandemic, the riots, and politics, (all joy stealers), I felt that this “time out” from the rest of the world was almost like a Godly gift to us. Not since I was a child have I ever had so much free time to commune with nature and God! There is no peace more comforting than this kind of peace.

I wonder, not for the first time, what the future will bring. I wonder how long it will be before we are free to spend time with other people in close proximity again. I think of our theater season tickets languishing in a dresser drawer. I think about our family in the north country and wonder how long it will be before we see them again. I think about my husband and sons cancelling their July fishing trip this year to Alaska and wonder if that will be possible even by next year on the same date? Will anyone be safe enough to travel anywhere by plane by then? I wonder about Thanksgiving and Christmas and birthdays coming up and if we will have to celebrate all of those in a solitary fashion as we did with Easter.

Truth be told, there is no more effective jailer for old people than a pandemic and we are all living with the consequences of the virus escaping far across the world. The world isn’t so large anymore with modern travel in airplanes, and before this pandemic is even over, scientists are already predicting another Pandemic in the not so far off future. Will we be better prepared next time?

Those are a lot of deep questions for a Saturday morning with no real answers. So I refocus my mind to what is in the here and now. Al’s hair needs a minor trim and I wonder if he will trust me to do it? My rose bush needs trimming too and some spraying to ward off insects. My newly planted Crepe Myrtle trees need a bit of water. Our grass needs mowing. The bird bath and fountains need filling. My boxwoods could use a little trim too and the flowers need some attention. The shade and the breeze are lovely. I can hear the squeak of brakes as the mailman stops and drops off our mail, so I think I shall go on up the driveway to retrieve it. I also have a very good book waiting for me to pick up and continue on with the story!

It’s the little things in life that keep us content and happy! The little things give us a a sense of routine and security, and allow us to focus on the things we can control, or at least, give us the impression that we even have control. Control is just an illusion and it is within this illusion we feel safe! So, safety then is also an illusion!

As all of these little things are beckoning to me, so is Al. He says he wants to go for a drive in the countryside, which sounds good to me! I tell all my “little things” that they will have to wait for me now because I have a very important date I need to prepare for! We might even sit on the bank of a river and tickle our toes with cool rushing waters! We will go where the spirit leads us, and our spirits never steer us wrong!

And so it goes with life in the days of Covid-19. We are grateful we are still here and still healthy. Sooner or later life will return to what it once was, (or maybe it won’t), but I wonder now if we will really want back all that we once had and did? Maybe to “be still” is the best gift of all?



So, during this time of shelter in place in the days of Covid-19, we are now half way through our 4th month of not going anywhere and seeing very, very few people (occasionally we see our Austin son and his fiancée at a proper 6 foot distancing measure). It always gives my heart a lift to just see his face and spend time in his presence. Despite our hearts pining for friendships from times past, and a hug here or there, we have managed to fill our days with home projects, gardening, planting and purging of things we no longer use. The key to successful confinement is changing up the routine from day to day. Keep busy and keep it interesting.

This has been an experience unlike any we have ever had before. We have unlimited time to do anything we want, within the confines of our home and our small urban lot. At first it was almost daunting, trying to figure out how to live life hidden away from the rest of the world. Despite living near a big city, we are as isolated as Laura Ingles Wilder ever was, and probably more so, because she at least could talk to their neighbors and mingle with the townsfolk and go to school. Even in the days of TB sanitariums, the patients at least had different nurses and Drs and could have occasional visitors, so, this isolation has had its challenges. However, once we got into the rhythm of our new life we began to explore the world through books, internet, documentaries and movies.

In many ways, it has a actually been a very freeing experience.

We are free to go to bed when we like, get up when we want, eat when and what we want, dress how we want, (or not) and shower as much or as little as our partner encourages! HaHa!

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching a number of documentaries and this most recent one about the life of Tasha Tudor was especially fun. She was an illustrator and an author of world wide reknown. She was born into a wealthy family, but even in her childhood, as well as on into her adulthood, she lived in unusual circumstances. She eventually grew up, married and had children.

In her adult life she chose to live an existence that replicated a time gone by, about a century precious to the one she was born into. She was purposely without modern conveniences, and spent time making her own clothes from the wool of sheep she kept on her farm.

The documentary on Amazon Prime “Take Joy” The Magical world of Tasha Tudor’ is an enjoyable experience where the visuals are filled with scenes of time gone by. Following, are some photos from her website for you to enjoy. Imagine living there…in this time and this place! The movie is not long (about 45 minutes) so after the movie I wanted to know more about her and began to search on the internet. To say she was eccentric would be an understatement, but she is also delightful to watch and listen to. You almost forget which century is being filmed as you watch the movie.

Anyway, enjoy these photos from Corgi Cottage in Vermont. I am just SO sorry I did not know about her and her farm when we went to see the Von Trapp Lodge which is also in Vermont. However these photos give us a little taste! If you are ever going to go to Vermont, give them a call and reserve tickets for a garden tour! It will be like a step back in time!

When you go in search of Tasha Tudor, you will recognize many of her illustrations in books from your children’s and your own growing up years.




It is a glorious day here in the hill country of central Texas. There is a lovely soft breeze, low humidity (which is key to comfort in the southern heat) and lots and lots of shade from many trees and tall hedges across our property. Shade is nature’s antithesis to the Texas sun. it is amazing how much of a temperature variance there is from sun to shade! It feels like a 20 degree drop between sun to shade and is pure pleasure!

We have been outside this morning enjoying this stretch of mild weather in the middle of July. (Mild, meaning 94 degrees by late afternoon) but again, dry and breezy. Al has his smoker cooking up some ribs and trout while I am watering some newer plantings that have been stressed by the midsummer heat! I can hear the cicadas clattering in the distance and birds are flittering around, occasionally dipping into the fountains and bird baths available to them. My heart is full.

As I look around our property and as I water my plants, my mind wanders and I find myself remembering times in our early marriage when we had very little in the way of material goods. I also remember times when we had a whole lot more than we could ever have imagined possible.. Due to Al’s career moves, we have moved a lot and have lived in many types and styles of homes…Nine in all! We have lived in small, medium and large homes, each one serving the perfect purpose for that time and that place. For the last 23 years we have been settled into a modest, one story home which was exactly what we wanted all those years ago and it still feels just right. We wanted an “empty nest” home where the kids could come and visit, but where we did not feel overwhelmed with too much unused, wasted space in between their visits. It was a good call!

We love and enjoy our property because we have invested a LOT of time and physical effort in pulling it together. I saw it all in my minds eye all those years ago and through the years the vision grew into reality! It has been so rewarding for us to create and my hands show the wear and tear! But, you know what? I don’t care a bit! It must be the pioneer blood running in my veins that urges me to dig and plant. I always feel close to God when I am out here and I often tell God that I sure hope a garden shed full of tools comes with my mansion in the sky! I will not be serving tea to my heavenly guests, UNLESS, it is served in my ever evolving garden! Amen to that!

These are such crazy times…political unrest like none I have ever witnessed before! I just hate the nasty vitriolic discourse between the political parties and how that has infected our relationships! It saddens me to see protests hijacked into riots, and the covid 19 pandemic that has forced us to stay home and socially isolate for 4 months and counting! Who wouldn’t feel crazy by now?

Fortunately, we are holding our own! We have our very private property which sits inside private hedges where we can wander around in our nightshirts if we should so choose, because no one can see us anyway. This morning, I told Al that I almost feel like we have been gifted a very expensive retreat where we can lounge around in our pajamas, read countless books, watch endless movies, splash about in the spa, plant, water and barbecue to our hearts content. Devotions and prayer are in the mornings over coffee, and fortunately we enjoy each other’s companionship.

I am not so sure how we will feel if we are still in lockdown at Thanksgiving which will then total 8 months, but will have to take each day as it comes. No point in worrying about any of it!

Today is the day which the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

God is good all the time. All the time, God is good!

Thy will be done!



World of our own

It is the day after an uneventful 4th of July. Everything was cancelled so there was nothing to attend. Because we have been in an area where there is a strong uptick of Covid Cases, we have now been in lockdown just about 4 months. FOUR MONTHS! To deal with this isolation and to keep our minds oiled, my husband and I have been looking for things to do and, boy oh boy, have we ever got a lot of projects done! Things are looking very, very good these days around our house. I think we have painted everything in sight! This would be the perfect time to sell the house, but, where we would go in this time of Covid-19? Where would we go at our age? So, we just sit back and enjoy the product of our hard work! The physical labor keeps us occupied and prevents the inevitable restlessness that comes from being idle for too long!

We really miss our kids and grandkids. It is very difficult to look at pictures of families gathering in areas of the country where covid hasn’t shown its nasty, killing side! I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for someone who has to live through this Pandemic alone. I see pictures of family members going to see their loved one through a window of a nursing home. I hear stories of loved ones with dementia getting worse because of the isolation. I hear of people who are wringing their hands over financial distress because of no work or businesses being closed down! It is a very tough time for so many, and the only way to get through it is one day at a time! Easier said than done!

We watched CBS Sunday Morning tv show this morning and there was one segment about immigrants who were being sworn in as U.S. citizens in their cars as a way to socially distance. A few were interviewed and their joy at becoming a U.S. citizen was on full display. It was palpable, even through the television screen. One man said that he was so happy he finally had made it to “Paradise”! It made me want to weep to see such gratitude and hope and positivity for the future. He and his family had made it to the “promised land”.

In contrast, as I watched this, in my minds eye I could see our politicians being vicious with each other, berating, demeaning, and downright nasty. I watched what started out as peaceful protests turning into full-scale riots with enormous destruction of property as well as looting and murders. Isn’t gratitude for life in the U.S. beautiful to see in public arenas? America the beautiful! I can fully understand the peaceful protests and I support those completely, but the vandalism, fires, and looting are not constructive to supporting any cause.

I have seen so many awful video clips of bad behavior where people are doing nasty things to one another…a man pushing over a very old woman as she is walking along a sidewalk which causes her to fall and hit her head on a fire hydrant. I see another man hitting a very old man with his own cane for no reason whatsoever other than meanness. I have seen a whole host of instances where people are calling the police just as a way to intimidate another person. Such meanness of spirit! Where does this come from in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Why is this happening?

So, I wonder to myself…Is this rooted in the Pandemic or is it the root of sin within people? Perhaps it is a combination of both? People seem to find any number of reasons to argue with and harass each other. Our Next Door Neighbor web site always has a list of people partaking in a war of words with one another. These days they argue about mask or no mask, opening the society or not, debates about what constitutes a too large gathering and why people are not properly distancing from each other. The debate itself is fine, but the demeaning way they communicate with one another is not!

For my part, I absolutely despise any kind of contention. I feel that laws were made to keep us from becoming a chaotic society. Laws and rules calm people because people know what to expect, whether they agree with the law or not! When laws are disregarded, people become agitated because things feel out of control and out of order.

I wish American citizens could go back to feeling the joy and pride of being part of the greatest society ever known to mankind. I think that because we have grown up in this world, and have never lived under an oppressive regime, we have come to take our freedoms for granted, and in some cases we abuse these freedoms!

I pray a lot for our country and our people as a whole. We are living in some turbulent times and I doubt we will ever again see the innocent times in which we grew up!

Right now, we live in a world of our own, in our house, on our property, just the two of us! Thankfully our hunger for human touch is met with a hug from the one we live with. We are getting to know each other in a wholly unfiltered way. This is what happens when you live with someone 24/7 for months on end. Fortunately for us, we like each other. That said, we still miss our old lives. We miss our family, our friends, our church family, our Dr, our library, our jobs, our everything….our life as it once was! Independence day 2020 will never be forgot! I wonder now if we will see each other at the next holiday or if we will do that alone as well? We will do what it takes because we want to live to be with our grandkids and kids as they move forward in life.

I am grateful for this life, this country, our Amazing God AND the freedom to worship in our own way! I often remind myself that MOST people ARE good! Most people are patriotic and most people realize the value and privilege of living in this beautiful country. The majority of us are willing to do what it takes to preserve the Union left to us, bought and paid for with the blood of millions of citizens who gave up their lives to defend our freedoms! Out of respect to them, and respect for our children’s futures, we really need to band together because it IS true that United we stand and divided we fall! Out of gratitude, “We the people” need to unite in our desire to protect what we have inherited, and to remember the enormous cost of lives that were taken in order to achieve this!

Happy 5th of July! God bless America!

The Journey!

Something’s hanging beneath my chin!

I wonder what it can be?

In the mirror I see a wattle

above the chicken neck on me!

Looking closer in the mirror,

I see something on my chin,

Oh my gosh! It’s a stiff white hair!

One of many, thick and thin!

“What’s this?” I ask, as I lean close.

“What are these lines upon my face?”

Where once the skin was smooth and clear,

Many wrinkles have set in place.

I sit back now and comb my hair.

It was once blonde and thick.

Now my hair is thin and gray,

It almost makes me sick!

My slender, shapely body,

from when I was a youth.

Has come to look like drooping socks.

I swear, I speak the truth!

This body which has served me well,

was designed to last for years.

My spirit used and abused it some.

Those memories bring me to tears.

Our spirits need a place to live,

so, we get bodies at our birth.

God thought we should be visible

to all as we roam this earth.

So, here I am now, growing old.

My body shows wear and tear.

But oh! the joy it’s gives to me.

As I travel here and there.

Signs of aging are a warning,

that our body is wearing out.

But our spirits are eternal,

Of this I have no doubt.

So, I pull out that wiry whisker,

I put cream upon my skin.

I salute my image in the mirror.

to honor where it has been.

It hasn’t always been easy,

nor has it always been fair.

But I’m glad God gave me THIS life!

I send thanks now up in a prayer!

I’ll see you before I know it, Lord.

I’ll see my family and friends.

We’ll have so much to talk about.

when my wonderful journey ends!



Tossing, turning in my bed,

Many thoughts run through my head,

On my back, then my side,

Losing sleep, I can’t abide.

Counting sheep, one, two, three!

PLEASE, Lord, bring sleep to me!

Up now, reading book.

In my comfy little nook.

Sipping tea, eyes droop low,

Back to bed, I think I’ll go.

Maybe this time I will sleep,

While my soul the Lord will keep.

Woke this morning, slept so well.

Grateful for that sleeping spell.



The term “groupthink” was first introduced in the November 1971 issue of “Psychology Today” by psychologist Irving Janis. Janis had conducted extensive research on group decision-making under conditions of stress. Researchers have found that in a situation that can be characterized as groupthink, individuals tend to refrain from expressing doubts and judgments or disagreeing with the consensus. In the interest of making a decision that furthers their group cause, members may also ignore ethical or moral consequences. While it is often invoked at the level of geopolitics or within business organizations, groupthink can also refer to subtler processes of social or ideological conformity.

As I read the above statement, I felt a memory coming forward of another time, long ago, when I had been invited to a party as a young “20 something”. I was a young nurse at the U of M and the Head nurse of the unit in which we worked also attended the party as well as other nurse co-workers of mine. The host of the party was playing music and one of the records she put on was of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing some gospel music. I did not know that our Head Nurse was an atheist until that night when she began to make fun of the choice of music and Ernie Ford as well, laughing and mocking the songs and singer. Because she was our supervisor, others joined in on the laughter and added to the joke filled conversation. I said nothing, but was getting increasingly uncomfortable with the situation. I chose not to say anything in that room because I needed my job, and did not want to cause problems for myself at work. Instead, I left the party early with a couple of other co-workers, and on the way home, I shared my displeasure at what had just happened, and in return, my friends shared that they had disliked what happened too. I felt ashamed that Jesus and God were the center of the ridicule, so as it was happening, I refused to join in. I was unhappy with myself that I had not made a stand in that room, but I also did not want to cause conflict for the Hostess of the party so chose to leave as soon as possible. My opinion of my supervisor was completely deflated that night and I lost all respect for her. It was not so much about the fact that she was an atheist, but because she chose to be so disrespectful of everyone in the room who she knew could have been a Christian, and also disrespectful of the Hostess of the party!

Today, as I was watching the news updates on the covid-19 test positivity increases, I could see a side panel of very negative commentary posts where people were making horrible derogatory comments about our Vice President, our government leaders, all while making fun of their appearance, their intellect, and what they perceived to be a lack of leadership! They were calling the Vice President a liar and bashing everything he said. As I was reading the comments, I could feel my stress level increasing. Once again, what bothered me was not so much that they disagreed with the news conference and our leaders, but it was “how” their disagreement was being projected. The statements were full of anger, disrespect, contempt, ridicule and derision.

Whatever happened to civility? Why is it that all we hear anymore is anger and shouting? Finger pointing does not solve a thing. Burning and looting and defacing and tearing down monuments does not bring someone around to their way of thinking. It only brings about a quiet resistance from people who disagree with how things are being done. Right now it appears as if a radical portion of American citizens are having temper tantrums while we are all sitting back and watching it! It is disgraceful that a lot of our leaders are setting such bad examples for our children, and when I say this, I say BOTH political parties are guilty in this emotionally charged display.

I have a friend who always wants to debate politics but the way this person debates is never in a rational quiet conversation where we can share our thoughts and opinions. It is always laced with judgment and criticism and derision. I refuse to debate anyone who cannot find a way to speak in a respectful tone or listen to another persons point of view. What I experience, so often, is when I offer a differing opinion, no matter how politely I say it, this person will raise the volume of their voice which tells me right away that this is not a discussion, it is a battle of words.

So, just like after the party I attended so long ago, I am again remorseful that I do not feel comfortable getting into the political fight taking place right now. But, you have shown me who you are by your behavior and your lack of respect towards others by trying to destroy our history. You have lost any chance of my support in the wake of this madness. Taking down statues does not change history. I love our country and am grateful to those who sacrificed their lives to create a more perfect union. I recognize that no one person or group is all right or all wrong, but it is in fair give and take discussion where we all win. It is only in unity where we are strongest while division creates weakness and mayhem. Evil loves division for it makes it so much easier to distract and destroy.

God is all powerful and I will never cease asking for His guidance and His help as I traverse through this life. Whatever lays ahead, which ever way this upcoming election turns out, it does not change the fact that our all powerful God is always there for us, even in times when we question His presence.

Our country has served as a beacon to the world, as a place of hope for a better life and now it is being attacked. It breaks my heart that we have anyone who has benefited from living in this country, now intent on destroying it. Hatred is never the way. Love is all there is. I pray that our country survives this onslaught. In the meantime, I will VOTE and I will PRAY! I hope you do,too!


God always wins

I woke up this morning to a rip roaring thunderstorm. It sounded like the angels were in a bowling tournament in the sky! It was kind of cool to just lay there in our bed and listen to it. The thunderstorms in Texas are always so dramatic and loud, and I always enjoy listening to them. I felt as snug as a bug in a rug.

We have already had at least 2 inches of rain and when this happens, I am ALWAYS so happy for our trees and bushes. Al said that we have a forecast of rain over the next few days and also on into next week! Well bring it on! We are stuck in place anyway.

Every time I get relaxed in my thinking about the covid restrictions, I will come upon an article about someone who caught it and has suffered dearly because of it. Death is obviously the most extreme covid event, but I also just read yesterday about a double lung transplant on a 22 year old girl whose lungs were ravaged by this disease. While this disease seems to mostly go after the elder population, it also randomly affects the younger people as well, not in as many as the elders, but enough to make me wonder why people are not being more careful.

There is a big debate about wearing masks going on in our Next Door Neighbor column, and as I read the bickering going on back and forth, I remember the day and age in which I grew up where people just did what was recommended by the authorities, because we respected authority. These days, there is so much mistrust and a lack of respect for authority and so people do what they want because they say it is their right!

Well, we are retired and don’t have to be anywhere else, so we will just stay home and wait this thing out! This is one of the most difficult things we have ever done, but our will to live is stronger than our will to socialize. It is that simple. Thank goodness we have technology that keeps us in touch with our kids and friends and other relatives. We keep working on projects which helps keep our minds off of the terrible news of the day. Thankfully, me and the “hubs” are very compatible, so it gets us by!

Stay well, my friends, and let’s all continue to pray for our good health and for the health of our dearly loved United States which is under siege right now! This is all much bigger than any of us, so if we collectively pray, I firmly believe we can beat the enemy forces that have been unleashed around us! In the end, God wins! Let’s ask for His help!

jjb/ 6/23/2020

A life well loved…

Dear Children,

I wish I could share with you this moment….this very moment. A beautiful ballad is playing on the radio, the fan is whirring and turning side to side caressing us with a beautiful breeze, and Dad is laying way back in his chair catching a snooze! These are the kind of moments in life that I most cherish, the quiet, soft, uneventful moments in life where one feels completely comfortable in ones own skin and at peace with the world. It is the kind of a moment where we feel accepted and loved despite all our weaknesses and faults, and it feels good! Very good! Though the nest has emptied, and it is now just the two of us, we are happy and content with how our life has unfolded.

Today is Father’s day and none of you were able to be here in the first person! Thank you covid-19! However, despite that unfortunate fact, the phone rang with greetings and messages of love from all of you for your Dad! The mail box and UPS brought gifts for him as well! My heart swells to see how much you each love your father! I can see how deeply connected each of you are to him and I know it is because he has always been there for you every step of the way. He has been an exemplary dad to each of you and as you grew to eventually see for yourself, he is just an all around very good and spiritual human being! A fine example for you to follow.

You are such loving and attentive children and I know your character development had a lot to do with the father I picked out especially for you, long before you were even a conscious thought! .When I was young and in the dating world, I met a lot of very nice young men! But your Dad is the one to whom my soul connected almost instantaneously! I saw his character and liked what I saw. I respected him then and I respect him now! I knew he would make a wonderful husband and father. He hasn’t disappointed me at all.

I have loved every moment of our life journey, from being young parents who had trouble making ends meet when you children were very small to the more prosperous times. It has been. blessing from the times when we were young and strong and handsome all the way to now when we are a bit like the velveteen rabbit!

Life has been good and has gone by way more swiftly than we ever could have imagined it would..Here we are now with all of you taking up the spots of the middle aged people in our family, which makes us….well, as they say there is “snow on the roof but a fire in the furnace.” Yeah, well, o.k……so we are old now, but thankfully, you all have such kind and compassionate hearts, you treat us like we are your contemporaries! Thank you for that!

Well, anyway, Happy Fathers Days Kids! I picked him out especially for you long before you were born! As they say, “He’s a keeper!”

You are most welcome! ❤️❤️❤️ We love you too!


The POWER of thought!

We have been sheltered in place since March 11th, so at the time of this writing, we have been in our home for over 9 weeks, and it looks like there is more to come of this quarantine.

At first we were more than willing to follow the guidelines because the visuals on t.v. convinced us of the danger of this new Coronavirus, especially to those over age 65. But a few young people were also dying from this virus, so, to stay healthy, everyone took the advice to stay home….to shelter in place. For our part, we were forced to give up our much loved part time jobs which we had chosen to do in retirement to remain engaged in society and to fill a purpose.

These days, our days go by without much fanfare. One day is the same as the next unless we decide to go out for a ride for a change of scenery. We live in an urban area on a small corner lot, and we have developed our property into a small sanctuary over the past 22 years. We have created several vignettes, each one with a path leading to it. It is fun because as a person stands on any part of our property, there are glimpses of something of interest just beyond the next corner which invites one to go and investigate.

When I was planning the design of this property, and began planting, I did it in sections. My plan was done with the thought that this would be our retirement playground when we got old. The idea behind it was that if we got bored, we would always be able to go outside and find something to do and something to tend. Along the way, we were gifted with two grandchildren, so some of the planning involved thinking of what they might enjoy. The end result is a nice mix of spaces and most people who come here seem to enjoy what they see.

It isn’t professionally done, so I think that is a big part of the appeal. It comes across as something people haven’t experienced before. It is simply an extension of our imaginings, so when you see our property, you are seeing our inner eye. It is not polished, nor perfected, nor does it include high end costly materials of the type a landscape architect would use when he or she goes to work on drawing plans. Hence, in its imperfection, it is uniquely ours and we love it.

Little did I know, all those years ago, that I would have to use a pick axe and a texas toothpick to break up the caliche rock in preparation for planting. As I imagined us enjoying this space when we were retired, I had no idea that we would be enjoying it during retirement at a time of a world wide pandemic!

We are especially grateful for these outdoor “rooms” now more than ever, not only for the privacy but also for the work they provide for us to do, to keep our minds and bodies healthy. I never go outside where I do not see something that needs a minor trim of some kind. I recently repainted an arbor an apple green and really like how cheerful and inviting it looks.

So, in truth, up to this point anyway, the Pandemic has not caused our life a lot of excess stress with us staying home. We have each other for company as well as the wildlife that have made our property their home.

I went outside yesterday because I had been spending way too much time on the computer reading and watching stories about this Pandemic from endless points of view. Some of the interviews were wonderful because they were a conversation between two intelligent people talking in a calm and thoughtful manner, which was how conversations were conducted in another more civilized time and place. Unfortunately, though, I also came across many that had agendas backed by hate. There are a lot of things I am not happy about with this Pandemic and with how it is being handled, but I don’t feel angry or hate filled because of it. However, I DO feel stressed by the onslaught of angry, hate spewing commentators that make up most of the news in this day and age.

I went outdoors to find relief from this stress, and with small clippers in hand, I began to clip volunteer shoots off the trunks of a line of little Yaupon Holly trees we planted many years ago. I was deep in thought and with every snip I could feel the tension leaving my body. Soon I was completely engulfed in the enjoyment of reshaping these little trees, and at one point, as I was moving a branch in the dense growth of a tree, my attention was drawn to a tiny bird nest hidden deep inside the tree branches, complete with three very small speckled eggs resting inside. I quickly moved the outer protective branch back in place knowing that the Mama could abandon the nest if human touch or scent were left too close. Suddenly, I was brought out of my deep thought by an excited chattering above my head. Of course, it was the Mama bird scolding me for getting too close to her unborn babies.

These 8 little Yaupon Holly trees were planted in a row many years ago, and as I was snipping with my clippers, I had been lost in thought and admiration for how nicely they had grown and filled in. Responding to Mama birds chattering I respectfully moved on down the line, hoping she would see me as a neutral energy that meant no harm to her family.

As I continued from one tree to the next, hand selecting which branch needed pruning, I began to think about the importance of appreciation for where our life is at any given moment, right here and right now. Granted, my husband and I have been affected by the way things are being handled by the authorities, but honestly, we aren’t experiencing the stress and fear that so many are forced to endure. While we would prefer being able to go about our lives as we once did, we are fine with staying home if this helps us add a few more years of life on this planet. We have the resources needed to get us by for the next year if need be.

At the same time, I DO think about those who live with the grief and fear of having their livelihoods yanked away from them. Many of the people who criticize the activists for protesting the shutdown of America are likely doing this because they, themselves, (and their loved ones) are able to continue working from home. Many of those making these decisions are still employed and continuing to collect their paychecks. They may be stressed about being forced to stay at home, but they do not have the stress of loss of income, nor the threat of losing their life savings that went into a business. They don’t have to fear what happens if they cannot make their mortgage or rent payments. They don’t have to wonder how they will feed their families without an income.

We all see this life changing Pandemic from our own perspective which is influenced by where we sit financially in the type of dwelling we live in, what our age is, and how much savings we have. Perspective is actually created by the reality in which we live.

We should ALL be very interested in NOT losing or giving up our rights as described under the bill of rights. A bill of rights is a list of the most important rights to the citizens of a country. The purpose is to protect those rights against infringement from public officials and private citizens. If you are not clear about what these are, it may be a very good idea to look them up. We should want to be very careful about protecting our civil liberties, because once gone, they are unlikely to come back.

I believe that because so many of us in America have been so comfortable for so long, replete with plentiful blessings, we have forgot (or maybe never really understood) why we have it so good. Our country has thrived because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Very few countries outside the U.S, have a life as good as what we have come to take for granted.

In a conversation the other day I told a friend that I felt sympathetic to a 77 year old Barber I had just read about in the news. The Barber said that he stayed home for 2 months as a courtesy to what the scientists felt was necessary for the good of all. When a third month was added to shelter in place, he picked up his barber supplies and opened his shop because if he stayed closed one more month, he may not have a shop to go back to and he had bills to pay. I told my friend that I could appreciate his concern and understood his need and right to make a living.

My friend said, “Well, people also have a right to not go to his shop.” I immediately agreed with her because this also is true. We all have our individual rights in our free society.

For our part, we will continue to follow all the recommendations because ‘we can‘. It is our contribution to society. At the same time, we recognize that our decision to follow the rules is not the same decision that others will have to make because others have so much more at stake.. These are hard times for everyone, but the outcome for each person will be different. On the rare occasion we leave our house, we wear our masks and our wrap glasses because we know there are likely to be others out there who won’t wear them.

I feel that how this shutdown affects the unemployed and those who have had their businesses shut down WILL have a ripple effect throughout our whole economy with the exception of the very wealthy. They can afford to ride it out. If the stock market crashes, they will have the money to buy low. But the middle class and those living below that level will feel the bite of what is ahead!

I do not profess to know what is best for everyone. Not even close! But, I do feel that in a free society people should be allowed to make their own decisions. I do not think there has ever been a time in our history where healthy people were required to stay home. In the past it was the sick who stayed in doors. Think of the days of tuberculosis! It would all make far more sense to me if the high risk categories of people were to remain in isolation snd protected from those who could infect them. The sick could go to designated places to get better. Everyone else could just go about their business as they see fit. Our economy is dying as fast as the victims of covid and we need to be cognizant of how this will ultimately affect everyone. Inflation has already started if you look at the food prices in stores. Eggs were at $6.19 at one of our stores the other day. Similar increase in cost of goods may end up being the most detrimental result to covid19 coming to our country.

Through my window, I just now saw a bird splashing around in our bird bath. I think I shall go outside and see whats going on out there! I miss my family so much! I miss our friends! I miss our church! I miss my old life! If I make it through this Pandemic alive, I will have a much deeper appreciation for all the things I used to take for granted…lunch with friends, a hug from family, working at a job that made me feel productive, attending church and sitting amongst our church family every Sunday! If there is anything I would pray for, it is that as a society, we will become more love filled than hate filled.

Social media has unleashed in some people a nasty way of communication because they can hide behind their keyboards as they spew their hate filled rhetoric. Why not sit down and negotiate for the betterment of all? I want to go back to kinder times. I want to go to the mythical Mayberry of our youth where life was slow and justice prevailed and lessons were taught in quiet, kind, and thoughtful ways.

I can see now in my minds eye how you might be saying to me, “dream on dear girl…the world is not like that anymore”. I say in return that the good things in life are the result of putting action to dreams! “If you can dream it, you can do it!” So, lets just do it, whatever good ‘it’ may be to you. As they say, we need to BE the change we wish to see in the world. It all begins with me….and you. Baby steps, baby steps…let the white hats of the world gain power in what is good and what is right, for we would all be so much better off.

Now…off to the great outdoors!


Esther’s Loom

pm_livrm (2)After Esther finished washing the dishes from her early morning breakfast with Artie she looked around the kitchen.  Everything was in its place.  She had made the bed right after Art left for work and there wasn’t anything really pressing on her schedule, so she pondered what to do.  Mentally, she did a quick run through of the house to see if she had left anything undone.

The house where she and Artie lived was modest, but perfect for the two of them.  There was a kitchen with upper and lower cabinets that ran along the entire wall opposite the doorway where one entered from outside. In the middle of this wall of cabinets was a window above a double sink. Esther kept little pots of herbs on the window sill and was able to watch their growth progress from day to day.  Through the window she could see the road that passed by their house out front, and beyond that, was an large open field where she could watch the changes that came with the seasons.

The wall to the right of cabinet wall held another large window which was also placed in the middle. Under this window sat a large round oak pedestal table where they sat and had their meals. Esther kept a patterned oil cloth tablecloth on the table to protect its surface. Through this window, they could see another field and the same road that passed by the front of the house winding it’s way down the hill. At the bottom of the hill, the main road continued on to the right. A smaller road intersected with the main road and veered left up and over another hill, providing a shortcut to the town center

Art and Esther enjoyed watching cars drive up and down the road past their property whenever they sat at their old table, though living in a rural area meant there weren’t all that many cars to see. The old oak table served as a place for their meals and provided them with a work station for book keeping, writing letters, doing crossword puzzles, or anything else they may decide to do.

On the wall opposite the table stood her cook stove.  Her  stove had 4 gas burners to one side and a deep well on the other side. This well provided space where one could burn wood for heat.  There were two circular metal lids on top of the well which could be lifted up so one could add more wood to the fire.

The fourth wall opposite the cabinet wall opened to a big pantry area, where Esther stored her prized baked goods.  She was proud of the many kinds of cakes and bars she baked in addition to her homemade Swedish rye bread.  This dense, heavy bread shaped in a circle was a family favorite. They liked to slather fresh cream butter on a hot fresh slice of bread and enjoy it alongside a cup of coffee.

Esthers small house also contained a living room, two small bedrooms and a bathroom. Under the main house was a large unfinished basement where they kept a potato bin, a canning  cellar, and an area where the washing machine sat ready for wash day.  That was all the space they had and they felt blessed to have it!

Grandmas pantry

Behind the house, Artie had built a two story free standing garage on their property.  The lower garage was large enough to fit 4 cars in a perfect square.  However, they only had one car and Artie’s old jeep, so the rest of the space was used up by tools and lawn equipment. At the far end of the garage, beyond where the cars were parked, sat a long work bench the entire width of the back wall.   Two windows sat above the work bench which provided a nice light for working at the bench. Over the work bench, hanging from the ceiling, was a cord with a bare light bulb at the end for lighting the work space.

Above the garage, at the top of a long flight of open stairs was a living space.  To the left of the stairs was a room that held Esther’s weaving loom.  At the top of the stairs to the right was a very large room where two double beds stood side by side against a wall separated by a small table with a lamp.  On the far end of the room in front of the double window were two platform rockers.  The room was painted a soft light blue and the windows were covered with very sheer crisscross curtains.  It was a very pleasant space.Grandmas loom (Similar to Grandmas loom)

Esther enjoyed going up to her weaving room to make rugs on her loom.  Artie teased her that it was her “loom-room”.  She thought that was pretty funny and would chuckle when he used those two words to describe the space.  She liked to make rag rugs and she had fun choosing what colors the rugs were going to be.  She took long strips of fabric and wrapped them around a long wooden paddle which she slid between the two rows of tightly woven threads. Each time she threaded through the fabric, she would hit a floor peddle with her foot to alternate the threads and secure the fabric in place. Back and forth the fabric would go between the long threads. Each time she added a row of fabric, she would work the pedals below, alternating the rows of threads that captured the cloth.  Back and forth, back and forth the fabric would go and after each pass through, she would push a wooden bar against the fabric pressing it tightly in place. Each time a row was added she could see the rug taking on a design and shape as it grew in size. She made many rugs this way by using old fabric from cast off clothing, carefully cut in strips and attached to one another by thread.

It was here where she would get lost in her thoughts about life. Esther had grown up and married in this area. She had raised three children, two boys and a girl. Her youngest was 13 years younger than her only daughter so he sometimes felt he as if he had two mothers. She worried about each of her children, now adults, for reasons as unique to them as they were unique in this world! Esther knew that worry was a useless exercise but she also knew that all Mothers have a tendency to do just the same about their own offspring!

Her daydreaming was interrupted by the crunch of tires on gravel! Goodness! Artie was home and she had not even started dinner! How had so much time passed? Her mind quickly ran a pictured inventory of leftovers in the refrigerator as she scurried down the stairs. As she rushed through the garage door, Artie was coming up the walk and he gave her a big smile and said “So, hows it goin Mama?” She grinned back at him as she heard him call her by their children’s name for her. As they walked toward the house, he slipped his hand around her ample waist and said,

“It’s always so nice to come home to my sweet “Es”!

Esther felt a rush of deep love in that moment and knew that while they lived a very ordinary, uneventful, and quiet life, it was just the right life for her! She began to excitingly tell him about the rugs she was making on the loom he bought for her a few years back. As they walked into the house together, the screen door slammed shut behind them which startled the birds out of their giant lilac bush close by.


Contentment is always the reward for a well lived life! Contented people live with an understanding that it is best to take one day at a time! Art and Esther were my Mothers parents and we were so fortunate to have been absorbed into the ordinariness of their daily routine any time we went there to visit as children.

Through them, we learned how to enjoy the small, unremarkable moments of life. In those long ago days, we were blessed with the extra time that was part of childhood then, where we could observe and partake in many small activities that occurred in the humdrum activity of everyday life. No one thought to “entertain” us. We were easily entertained by watching the things they did throughout their day. I liked watching the old loom busy at work at the end of my Grandmothers arms and feet. I enjoyed watching an inanimate object suddenly fill with life and rhythm as my Grandmother propelled it into action. There has never been any toy ever manufactured that has been more entertaining to a child than spending time with ones own Grandmother and watching the miracle of old rags being woven into beautiful, useful rugs!

In these days of Covid19 and “shelter in place” I am not bored! I think the quiet, unhurried world in which I grew up benefits me now! Each day brings new promise and new things to do! I enjoy NOT eating out in a restaurant as I take long forgotten recipes and create old fashioned dinners. My husband, who grew up on a farm with a similar childhood, will often stand at the stove peering into a slow cooking pot that is emitting the most delicious aroma. Thank you to my Mother and Grandmother for simple recipes that came from a time and place where very few restaurants existed.

The most valuable gifts I have ever received came from a childhood where we were not at the center of everyones attention. We were a part of a family and knew our place in the scheme of family life. As a result, there was no “pressure” to be anything other than who we were. We could just “be” and that was the greatest gift of all. Time was a rich resource in those quiet days of long ago. With time on our hands to fill, our imaginations grew and so did our creativity! Time was what created and stored for me many memories to revisit similar to the one above. These memories are always there, waiting for me to take out and enjoy! I get to see, in my minds eye, my grandparents as real and vivid as the day I spent in their company.

“This is the day which the Lord has made….We will rejoice and be glad in it.”Psalm 118:24 NKLV”