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Hot, HOT!

I’m hot! I’m hot!

I’m as hot as I can be!

The temp is near 100,

I think its melting me!

The birds are hiding from the heat

in the shade of our old oak tree.

The leaves give them sweet cool roosts

and for them it is all for free!

Texans find religion,

(in the summers this is true).

They realize how hot HELL might be,

So prayers begin anew!

Wait a minute! There’s a breeze!

I feel it blowIng on my face.

Our prayers have now been answered!

Texas is a lovely, prayer filled place!


True Blue

I am thinking about my different friends,

the ones who ARE and WERE.

It always boils down to one or two,

who give my heart a stir.

Many women seem to need…

Lots and lots of friends.

I prefer just one or two,

with whom my spirit blends.

It is good to sit and talk about

life’s less than perfect parts.

To share and analyze the pain

that comes from broken hearts.

It is also nice to share our thoughts

of all things, good and true.

What better way for us to see,

the inner me and you?

Groups and parties aren’t my thing,

they make me quite uneasy.

I prefer to be with one or two.

Which, for me, is easy-breezy.

When I am with my true blue friends,

my worries tend to cease.

Your acceptance for who I really am

brings me love and joy and peace.

I love my friends so very much.

They are just a special few.

What has been Gods greatest gift to me,

Is this friendship of me and YOU!


Toss & Turn

Toss and turn, toss and turn! it’s another sleepless night.

I dozed off in my lounging chair while sitting there upright!


I woke up in the morning hours, so I got up and went to bed.

But I could not go back to sleep, so I tossed and turned instead.


When will I ever learn? I should not allow myself to sleep,

In my chair, chin on chest, slumbering very deep!


So here I am, back in my chair, hoping for a snooze.

Music playing, lights are dim, and I am not amused.


I can see what is ahead, later in the day.

After all my work is done, on my bed I’ll lay.


I am already looking forward, to that lovely little nap.

But now, I’ll recline in my chair, with an afghan on my lap.


My eyelids are getting heavy, my breathing begins to slow.

My chair is like a sedative, so off to dreamland I go!




Little is Big!

In this world of surplus, In this world of “stuff”

When exactly is, enough, ENOUGH???

What was once thought big, is now thought small.

We don’t want “some”, we want it ALL!

We have three cars, when two would do.

What we think we need is very skewed.

Every bedroom has a bathroom because heaven forbid,

Sharing a bathroom with someone may upset the kids.

We want a new car though the old one is fine.

We search for new treasures all the time.

We bury ourselves in material goods.

Most of us have much more than we should.

Our house is much bigger than our parents had.

Our pursuit of happiness has simply gone mad.

Life should not be about how MUCH we own.

Rather, its should be about the LOVE we have sown.

We work, work, work for material things,

When we could be listening to nature sing.

The people we love will see us grow old.

We will lay in our bed as our stories are told.

Do you want them to say we spent our time

Chasing the dollar while in our prime?

Or would you like to hear them say,

“I love this person who taught me to PRAY?”

We need to see that HOW we live

Are LESSONS in life we unknowingly give.

Life is shorter than we could have guessed.

Count the blessings with which you’ve been blessed.

Thank you to Mom who taught me to pray.

Thank you to God who gave me this day.

Little IS big in this world full of stuff.

It takes COURAGE to say when ENOUGH is ENOUGH!














Ups and downs

Don’t you worry about me, I am fine.  My life has been good to me.

There are those in my life who love me lots,  whose love I feel and see.

Sometime I write dreary poems Just to vent the feelings out.

Its my own personal kind of therapy, much better than to cry or shout.

Life brings to each of us challenges, which arrive in the form of a friend,

They come to our lives with a lesson to teach, and then the lesson ends.

I do not write only happy stuff, for that would make me sound unreal.

My life has been blessed in so many ways, but heartaches I have been given to feel..

While it would be so nice to think that we are loved by one and all.

The reality is we are loved by many…but some DO NOT LIKE US AT ALL.

This is fine because the same is true for me and those I know.

There are some who I want to keep real close. There are those who I want to go.









Grandma’s Pancakes

Grandma made pancakes this morning.

They were thin and crisp and light.

She came for a visit and leant me a hand

As I prepared and cooked them just right.

My grand girls cannot eat pancakes.

They are gluten and dairy free.

So, I decided to be my own Grandma

And made pancakes especially for me.

Their aroma brought back memories

Of Grandma’s pancakes, lovingly cooked.

She turned her pancakes with a flip of the wrist.

My tastebuds were entirely hooked.

These days people eat differently

Times have changed and so have we.

People are health and weight conscious.

They do not eat so frivolously.

Over the years, my meals became healthier.

But, I still remember those home cooked meals.

So, as my Granddaughters eat gluten free salad,

I eat pancakes for the love that I feel.

Thanks Grandma Esther and Grandma Annie.

You were each such a wonderful cook.

You taught me how Grandmas expressed their love,

Right out of a recipe book!



God decided it was time to send

another precious soul to earth.

He chose a Mother just for Claire.

He blessed Caroline with her birth.

He smiled down on Christopher.

He knew the great Father he would be

The day Claire was born she cried out loud.

Her parents laughed joyfully!

She was such a beautiful baby girl.

She was a blessing to them every day.

Her parents raised her up to know the Lord.

They taught her to know God’s ways..

They raised her in the Christian faith.

They shared with her Gods Holy Word.

As Claire said her declaration of faith,

They were pleased at what they heard.

The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost,


One Who creates, One who loves,

One who lives within you and me.

Today she announces her maturity of faith

in a public affirmation.

Today, October 14th, 2018, is

Claire’s Lutheran confirmation.


Tappity tap

Tap-tap-tap-tappity-tap-tap….followed by a ZING!

This is how my typewriter and its carriage sings!

I like typing the words that keep filling up my head.

These words don’t have to be verbally said.

My Muse comes and whispers to me each night.

I think and dream then write, write, write.

I am a writer, and this is my passion.

I write and write til my brain starts crashing’

There are many words and not enough time.

Sometimes I write stories, sometimes I write rhymes.

This isn’t about making a name for myself.

I don’t care if my scripts gather dust on the shelf.

I am just grateful for the time and a place to express,

all the things I have never had a chance to address.

My audience is just one and it happens to be me.

Which suits me just fine, if it is meant to be.

I go into my room and then I close the door.

I begin writing and rewriting what I wrote before.

When my Muse shows up and gives me a sign,

She feels like a wonderful friend of mine.

She encourages me to write one more poem or story.

My thoughts can be calm and sometimes they are soaring.

I like to write my stories late into the night.

It is then where my imagination takes flight!

Writing brings me joy and an enhanced way of living.

I am happy to keep my typewriter tapping and zinging!


What is it like to be old you ask?

What is it like to be old you ask? Well, let me ponder what to say.

I don’t remember getting older…..(Wasn’t I young just yesterday?)

Old age doesn’t change who we are inside. We are the same as we have always been.

The only thing about us that changes, my dear, is the body our spirit lives in.

Where once our hair was thick and full, it is now thin across our crown.

Where once our face was smooth as glass, there are many wrinkles to be found.

Our hearing has faded just a little bit, and our eyes need glasses to see.

When we pass the mirror we stop with a start, wondering who this reflection can be?

The outside does not matter that much, for we have new bodies waiting for us.

The time will come when after our death, our ashes will mix with the dust.

In Heaven we will be new again! We will be renewed in body and spirit.

I am in no hurry to live there now, but I really do not fear it.

Our souls are always young and alive, and alive our souls will always be.

This baby, turned child, turned adult, (now old) will live for eternity.

I am all the ages I have ever lived, it just depends upon the day.

Some days my spirit is much like a child, and some days I am old and gray.

I see the world just as I always have, I have not noticed the passing of time.

I am as happy as I ever have been and I am feeling just really fine.

Don’t let my exterior fool you. I am not as old as I appear.

My spirit was created to be ageless and it does not count the years.

How does it feel to be old you ask? You will just have to wait and see.

If you are as blessed as I have been, some day you’ll be old like me.

Life is how you see it. Life is what you decide it will be.

Feeling old can be a happy time, if you make up your mind it will be!

invest your energy into your inner self and create the beauty you want to be.

The ageless beauty inside my soul is the truest reflection of “me.”


Grandpas house

Grandpa’s house was small and white and it sat upon a hill.

Flowers were growing happily in the ground which he had tilled.

On the front of his house was a small square porch with bushes at each side.

These were called “Bridal wreath” and their branches spread far and wide.

They arched up towards the heaven, then looped back down to earth.

To little white bouquets on its branches, each spring this bush gave birth,

Along the front side of the house, (the one that looked over a field),

Tall and swaying holly hocks gave colorful blooms their yield.

Outside the living room window, growing not very far from the road,

Grew a thick circle of tiger lilies, proudly bearing their load.

In the front of the house in a garden, not far from a low lying ditch,

Grew great big pink peony bushes in a black soil so moist and rich.

In the orchard grew some apple trees and each spring their flowers came.

If ever a blossom smelled sweeter, I just do not know it’s name.

But, as beautiful as these all were, there was one I loved the best.

It was a tall, tall bush that grew really big, much taller than the rest.

It was so big we created a house where inside we created a room.

We loved its perfumed fragrance and enjoyed its lavender blooms.

Nothing so much depicts Grandpas place as this giant lilac tree.

How it grew so tall and large still remains a mystery to me..

The house is no longer bright and white, it is old, faded and worn.

The flowers have gone back to Mother Earth and this I often mourn.

But no one can take away the memories I have of my Grandpa’s home.

These memories often bloom themselves and within my mind they roam.

So now as I am old and gray, as old as Grandpa was then.

Many scenes of lovely flowers come, through old memories my Grandpa sends!

Thanks Grandpa Art!


Andrea Sophia

Oh how much I wanted her! I prayed and prayed and prayed.
I prayed for a daughter just like me. God said “She’ll be custom made!
“I will give you the daughter you asked for, with one tiny little twist..
She’ll be an improved version of you. She will be just what you have wished.
She will be a way for you to learn. She will share with you her world views.
Her value lies in her accepting heart, which is similar to the one in you!
I won’t give you a little “mini-me”, from whom you could not learn! 
This young girl will be your blessing and her lessons you will need to discern!
Look at how she loves herself, humbly accepting where she is flawed.
She knows her beauty lies within and she knows she was made by God.”
She has a free and loving spirit and sometimes she could use some tact.
She isn’t concerned with status in life, and that, quite simply, is fact.
In her eyes we are ALL equally made, differences don’t matter a bit.
Her house and car are simple and nice, for their budget were a respectable fit.
Her Mother likes all kinds of music…country and Gospel and blues.
If you ask Andrea the music she loves
, “Aerosmith” is who she will choose! 
Fashion that I like, she does not. (My style is just not for her).
But, she loves me a lot and knowledge of this, gives this old Mom’s heart a stir.
I am a much better person now from all the lessons she has brought.
I watched and listened as she has lived and sometimes we even fought.
One thing that makes me happy is how she respects her Mom and Dad.
She makes us feel important to her, and it makes our old spirits glad.
The bond is great between us, though we are as different as we can be. 
God chose her to be my daughter! She isn’t perfect, but she is perfect for me!!!!



Inside my head

I cried when I heard my Mother had passed.
Could it be that she really was dead?
I cried for my loss and was feeling bereft.
Until  I saw her inside of my head! 

She came to see me as I was sleeping.
She greeted me as I slept in my bed.
She was young and beautiful and full of mirth.
She most certainly was not dead!

When I woke up in the mornimg.
Thoughts of her visit remained in my head.
Memories of her in my sweet little dream.
Is how my mourning soul was fed.

Oh Mom! How much I miss you!
I think of the things you have said.
I wish we could sit and talk heart to heart.
Not in a dream, but in person instead.

Yet, you have given me hope of heaven.
You have fed me some heavenly bread.
You fed my desire to see you again,
As I slept in my earthly bed! 

Thanks, Mom…it was great to see you! 

Jjb/8/12/2017 (copyright 2017)

Writers Block

Its been a while since I have written.
Writers block knocked me flat.
Nary a thought formed in my head.
Words failed me and that was that!

My Muse must have gone on vacation.
Perhaps to an exotic locale?
I have been praying for her return to me.
I have missed my cerebral pal.

Oh my!  I can feel some movement.
Thoughts are whirling in my brain.
I hear her softly whispering to me.
“I’ve come home to you once again!”

I can hear a rhythmic rhyming.
Words are flowing into place. 
My muse is back and talking to me.
A smile just slides across my face.

Hallelujah!  Amen! The block is gone.
My brain is full to overflowing.
I begin to type the words that come.
My friend knows where this is going!  

“Who is this friend?” You ask me? 
Who is this friend within my head?
Why this is my muse who is part of me.
Feeding me language so my soul is fed! 


(copywrite LLC)

I made it!

Birthday cake

I made! I made it! I have lived another year!
My birthday has arrived again and I’m so glad it’s here!

 My wrinkles show that I have laughed, they show that I have cried.
My happy, smiling older face is proof I have not died!

 I made it! I made it! I have lived another year!
My eyes can see far away, but they cannot see what’s near! 

 I am now somewhat soft and round, but I no longer care.
For each new day granted me, I send up grateful prayers.

 I made it! i made it! I have lived another year!
I am not the girl I used to be, but my mind is sharp and clear!

Those who are blessed with extra years, a small price must be paid!
Our hair grows thin, our bodies thick, and our looks begin to fade.

 I made it! I made it! I have lived another year!
I have become the best of friends with that old lady in the mirror! 

The journey that I’m taking has been happy, sad and blessed!
I realize all my experiences have been a variety of tests.

 By Golly! I’ve made it! I’ve made it! I have lived another year! 
I’ll light the candles on my cake and sing loud for all to hear!





Pitchin’ pitchin’ pitchin’ stuff!
Material possessions I’ve had enough!
Don’t want my house so full of things.
“Less is more”, my heart sings!

What made me think I needed more?
Bringing things in through the door?
I bought these things in the city.
“Oh my gosh this is SO pretty!”

“Look at that darling little gnome!”
“I have to buy it and bring it home!”
“It will look cute by my front door.
“Maybe I should buy just one more?”

“Oh look!  I love those pretty dishes!”
“These will fill my many wishes!”
“I like that sofa and I LOVE that chair!”
“They would look nice anywhere!”

Candles, baskets, this and that!
“Don’t you love that wide brimmed hat?”
Now I ponder years of spending.
Some old and worn and in need of mending!

What in the world was I thinking?
My big new house began its shrinking.
I feel so nervous with this much stuff.
I’ve really had quite enough!

Out the door, out the door!
You are not welcome here no more.
“Oh my goodness! There is so much space!
We need to buy a smaller place!